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Professional, Heavy-Lift US Multirotor Drones for Commercial and Industrial Applications

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Inspired Flight
Professional, Heavy-Lift US Multirotor Drones for Commercial and Industrial Applications
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Inspired Flight is a leading manufacturer of professional U.S.-made multirotor drones for commercial, industrial, and federal applications.

IF1000 Heavy-Lift Hexacopter Drone

Driving growth throughout the commercial UAV industry, through innovative and ultra-reliable hardware solutions built to US Government requirements. Our cost-competitive industrial drones are built for endurance and adaptability.

IF1200 Heavy-Lift Hexacopter Drone

Federally-compliant hexacopter with flexible open architecture

IF1200 Compliant Heavy-Lift Hexacopter Drone

The IF1200 is a heavy-lift hexacopter UAV that has been designed as a replacement for the DJI M600, while maintaining strict compliance with evolving US Government regulations regarding domestically-sourced electronics. Featuring a Universal Payload Interface and identical payload spacings to the M600, existing sensor integrations can be easily transferred to the IF1200 with a minimum of effort.

IF1200 Federally-compliant hexacopter

With an open-system architecture based on the PX4 autopilot, the versatile and flexible platform provides a complete solution that can be tailored towards a wide range of applications including utility inspection, aerial surveying, public safety, and defense. The IF1200 supports a wide range of optical cameras, commercial and mil-spec EO/IR cameras, and LiDAR systems. The open architecture and Universal Payload Interface allow for the integration of nearly any third-party tech stack, providing a highly flexible platform for OEM or experimental UAV applications.

In addition to providing various ready-to-fly configurations, Inspired Flight’s experienced system integrators can develop custom configurations for organizations looking for a tailored solution to their unique applications.


Dimensions (unfolded) 1445 x 1315 x 705 mm
Max Takeoff Weight 20 kg (44 lbs)
Payload Capacity 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Max Horizontal Ground Speed 22 m/s (49 mph)
Flight Time 40 minutes
Hexacopter with flexible open architecture

IF1200A Heavy-Lift Hexacopter Drone

Hexacopter UAV with enhanced payload capacity and mission endurance

IF1200A Heavy-Lift Hexacopter Drone

The IF1200A is an upgraded version of the rugged IF1200 hexacopter platform, designed for mission-critical commercial and government applications.

Building on the success of its Blue UAS-approved predecessor, the IF1200A features an improved payload capacity of 20 lbs. With a 9 lb payload, the aircraft’s flight time has more than doubled from 18 minutes to a class-leading 40 minutes, and even at maximum capacity can fly for up to 25 minutes.

The versatile hexacopter UAV also features an open system architecture and a universal payload interface, and has been equipped with upgraded motors and ESCs, larger propellers, and a Blue Cube flight controller running ArduPilot software.

IF750 Enterprise Quadcopter Drone Platform

Professional VTOL Quadcopter for commercial & industrial applications

IF750 Enterprise Quadcopter Drone Platform

The ultimate tool for industrial UAV applications, the IF750 quadcopter couples payload adaptability with robust architecture to bring operational efficiency to the next level. The IF750’s flexibility enables multiple full-stack solutions, facilitating physical asset inspections, geospatial applications, defense applications, and much more. This system is an optimal OEM solution for organizations to integrate their specific technology into an open-source UAV ecosystem.

modular conservation quadcopter drone

The IF750 can be provided as one of several complete industrial drone solutions, or as the ideal vehicle to integrate and field your organization’s custom technology. With a proven, reliable modular drone platform to incorporate into you or your customers’ workflows, you can focus on your strengths and the vital deliverables of your missions.


Constructed with a robust carbon fiber frame, the IF750 quadcopter is designed to undertake the toughest missions in the harshest environments. It features advanced safety features such as a non-ballistic parachute system, and is designed to be easily user-serviceable for simplifier repair and minimal downtime.


Dimensions (unfolded) 572 x 572 x 483 mm
(22.5 x 22.5 x 19 inches)
Max Takeoff Weight 6.2 kg (13 lb 10 oz)
Payload Capacity 2.2 kg (4 lb 13 oz)
Max Horizontal Ground Speed 15 m/s (33.5 mph)
Max Altitude 3,500 m (11,500 ft)
Flight Time 30 minutes
Professional VTOL Quadcopter for commercial applications

About Inspired Flight

OEM geared vehicles – Inspired Flight specializes in outfitting enterprises with fleets tailored to unique application requirements.

About Inspired Flight

Data Secure Systems

All Inspired Flight drone platforms provide your organization with full control and clarity over your vehicle’s data security. The vehicle can be modified to include required encryptions, frequency bands, and data links. Inspired Flight currently offers AES-128 encryption for all onboard datalinks.

Both the IF1000 and IF750 are ideal for situational awareness missions, including border security, ISR, and advanced tactical engagement. They can be equipped with advanced imaging systems, tethers and autonomous charging platforms to further enhance their capabilities.

Applications Served

With a driving design philosophy of adaptability, Inspired Flight UAV platforms are currently delivering results in the geospatial, physical asset inspection, mining, energy, and defense industries. Multiple full-stack integrations and partnerships allow Inspired Flight to deliver not just a drone but an immediately deployable solution.

Incorporating our industrial multirotor drones into asset management workflows provides a safe and consistent approach to surveying and inspection of powerlines, utilities, transport infrastructure and much more, allowing you to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Highly customizable professional multirotor drone solutions

Modular architecture and the open-source PX4 drone flight control software allow users to adapt the highly versatile IF750 and IF1000 to any requirements. The drones’ firmware is easily modified to configure custom payloads for specific OEM configurations and unique customer requirements.

Inspired Flight is highly experienced in the integration of commercial and mil-spec cameras and sensors for a wide variety of applications, and can assist you in tailoring a drone solution to your exact needs.

Professional US made Multirotor drones

Our Inspired Vision

Founded in 2016 as a UAV components manufacturer, Inspired Flight patented the Bernoulli 3 motor, the first industrial UAV motor to successfully integrate an ESC for maximum efficiency & in-field replacement.

In early 2018 came the introduction of Inspired Flight’s first complete commercial UAV platform, this initial release has grown into what is now the IF750 and IF1000 series of quadcopters, serving industries across the globe.

From those initial prototypes to full-scale production today, Inspired Flight takes pride in innovating and growing the domestic UAS market by committing to manufacturing in San Luis Obispo, California.

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