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TAG-200 & 300 Tactical-grade multi-axis gyros for stabilization & pointing
TAG-200 & 300

Tactical-grade multi-axis gyros for stabilization & pointing

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TAG-200 & 300

The TAG-200 and TAG-300 are tactical-grade two- and three-axis MEMS gyroscopes featuring low SWaP, noise and latency as well as a wide bandwidth. They are designed for stabilization and pointing applications such as antenna platforms and EO/IR gimbals for UAVs and unmanned systems.

The ITAR-free TAG gyros are engineered to withstand the harshest environments, with no moving parts and tested to MIL-STD-810 levels of shock and vibration. They are factory-calibrated over the entire operation temperature range, and precision-machined to ensure extremely low non-orthogonality and misalignment between sensitive elements.

TAG-200 TAG-300
Number of Axes Two Three
Measurement Range ±450; ±950; ±2000 ±450; ±950; ±2000
Data Update Rate 2000 Hz 2000 Hz
Bias in-run Stability 2º/hour (Allan Variance, RMS) 2º/hour (Allan Variance, RMS)
Noise (ARW) 0.08º/√hour 0.08º/√hour
Size (mm) 39 x 45 x 22 39 x 45 x 22
Weight (gram) 70 70
Applications Anti-Roll Systems, Computer Pointing Devices, Optical Image Stabilization Tree Dimensional Optical Image Stabilization, Virtual Reality