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Rapid Prototype Metal Stamping, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacture

Incodema Group
Rapid Prototype Metal Stamping, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacture
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Incodema is a leading rapid prototype provider specializing in short run sheet metal prototype production.

Sheet Metal Component Manufacture

We work with a wide variety of processes including sheet metal stamping, laser and waterjet cutting, CNC machining and 3D metal printing, and have experience working with a wide range of materials. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and use state-of-the-art machinery to deliver high-quality prototypes.

We are ITAR registered and provide prototype parts to a variety of different industries, including Biomedical, Automotive, Military and Aerospace/Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

For rapid prototype parts both simple and complex please get in touch and request a quote – we can provide high-precision results on a tight deadline.

Production Process Expertise

We have experience with a wide variety of production processes, and our facilities are well-equipped with top of the line tools. We can recommend the best process for your particular application and ensure that the results are high-quality, accurate and quickly delivered.

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Prototype Component Example


Advanced micro-waterjet cutting technology capable of +/- 0.0004” cutting accuracy with little to no burring or heat deformation.

Waterjet Cutting

Pressurised water mixed with abrasive material, capable of up to +/- 0.001” accuracy with minimal secondary finishing required.

Laser Cutting

High-speed cutting with a 5000W laser, capable of typically +/- 0.005” accuracy. Ideal for prototyping and for volume runs up to 5000 pieces.

Traditional Machining

Cost-effective drilling, lathing and other traditional machining operations for simpler applications.

Metal Stamping

Single- or multi-stage metal cutting and forming operations, with typical accuracy +/- 0.002” to +/- 0.01”. Ideal for volume production due to tooling cost.

Four Slide Stamping

Metal forming using wire or thin strip metal, ideal for small intricate multi-angled parts. Typical tolerance of +/- 0.002” to +/- 0.01”.

Plating, Powder Coating, Heat Treating

We offer various finishing options for all manufactured parts, giving you the choice of protective or showroom-ready cosmetic finishes.


We have experience in a wide range of welding processes, including arc, oxyfuel (welding and cutting), resistance, energy beam and solid-state.

Photo-Chemical Machining (PCM)

Chemical etching of photosensitive film-covered metal to produce high-precision parts. The process is completely free from material stress or burring.

Laser Cut Component

Laser Cut Metal Sheet Component

Precision Engineered Component

Rapid Prototype Engineering

Prototype Component Manufacture

Small Brass Component Manufacture

Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing Capabilities

Incodema 3D

Incodema 3D specialises in the production of 3D printed plastic and metal prototype parts and assemblies, with a variety of process capabilities to suit most prototype requirements.

Specific information about Incodema’s Additive Manufacturing capabilities can be found at

Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

3D printing in metal that turns your CAD models directly into components. Capable of producing parts with complex geometries and ideal for prototypes as well as end-use products.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Additive 3D printing process that builds models from layers of photosensitive polymer. Ideal for space models or master moulds.


High precision 3D printing process that uses simultaneous deposition of multiple materials, in layers as thin as 16 microns. An ideal option for prototypes that are required to closely resemble the final product.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

3D printing process using thermoplastics such as ABS. Ideal for low-volume parts and models, especially those that may be required to be highly durable.

Urethane Casting

Parts produced from moulds created from master SLA pattern. A cost-effective solution for low runs of up to 20 pieces.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

A high-power CO2 laser is used to sinter powdered material and produce 3D SLS parts suitable for functional testing in a wide range of applications.

3D Printed Component

SLS Prototype


Polyjet 3D Prototype

SLA Prototype

Materials Expertise

We specialise in working with several different metals and alloys, and have experience with others not listed. Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

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Corrosion-resistant and low density. We work with a variety of alloys with different suitabilities for bending and forming.

Stainless Steel

Higher corrosion resistance than regular steel. All alloys are easy to work with and often require no post plating, thus reducing production costs.

Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

A process that increases the yield strength and hardness of the metal, at the expense of requiring additional finishing.

Spring Steel

High-strength low alloy steel that is capable of returning to its original shape after significant deformation. Requires heat treating as well as plating for finishing.


A variety of materials that are highly receptive to bending and forming and are suitable for small intricate parts such as connectors.

Exotic Prototype Metals

We also have experience with metals and alloys such as platinum, nickel, indalloy, titanium alloys, nickel alloys and others.

Component Precision Engineering

Complex Prototype Manufacture

Brass Contact Prototype

Rapid Prototype Examples

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