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SS900 High Resolution Side Scan Sonar

High Resolution Side Scan Sonar

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SS900 is a towfish side scan sonar specifically designed for emergency and rescue application. With the leading self-adaption wave adjustment technology combining broadband signal processing and image equalization technology, SS900 can clearly scan various underwater small targets and complex structures. So it had been widely used in rescue teams.


Dimension 76cm x 23.5cm x 14.6cm
Weight 2.7kg
Power Supply DC 20V - 30V
Frequency 900kHz
Across Track Resolution 1cm
Along Track Resolution 0.07m@20m, 0.17m@50m, 0.26m@75m
Vertical Beam Width 50°
Parallel Beam Width 0.2°
Max. Working Depth 300m
Max. Slope Range 75m