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SS3060 / SS4090 Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar
SS3060 / SS4090

Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar

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SS3060 / SS4090

SS3060 and SS4090 is a dual-band broadband high-definition side-scan sonar designed for general survey requirement. The system adopts a number of innovative technologies including broadband signal processing, variable aperture, image equalization, 4K HD display technology to fulfill customer requirements on wide scanning range and high definition. The system is widely applied in shallow water operations such as underwater engineering inspection, pipeline investigation, fire emergency search and rescue, underwater archaeological survey, marine pasture investigation and environmental protection hidden pipe inspection etc.


Towfish Size Φ100mm x 1200mm
Towfish Weight 25kg (In the air) / 12kg (In water)
Power Supply DC 20V - 36V / AC 110V - 240V
Frequency 300kHz / 600kHz (SS3060) 400kHz / 900kHz (SS4090)
Signal Bandwidth 60kHz
Vertical Beam Width 50°
Parallel Beam Width 0.28°@300kHz / 0.26°@600kHz 0.21°@400kHz / 0.2°@900kHz
Max. Working Depth 300m
Across Track Resolution 2.5cm@300kHz / 1.25cm@600kHz 1.25cm @400kHz / 1cm @900kHz
Along Track Resolution 300kHz: 0.24m@50m;0.49m@ 100m; 0.73m@150m 600kHz: 0.09m@20m; 0.23m@50m; 0.34m@75m 400kHz: 0.18m@50m; 0.27m@ 75m; 0.37m@100m 900kHz: 0.07m@20m; 0.17m@50m; 0.26m@75m