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MS400C Fully All-in-one Multibeam Echo Sounder

Fully All-in-one Multibeam Echo Sounder

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MS400C is a new generation of portable fully all-in-one multibeam echo sounder which has built-in SVS, IMU, GNSS and deck unit. It can pefectly work in the enclosed spaces and avoid overheating even after long term exposure in sunshine in summer. The features of quick-to-deploy, extremely small space requirements, minimal cable connections and reliable performance are perfect for integration to small USV. Its lighter weight is no problem for one person hand carry and operation.


Dimension φ220mm*139mm(Without connector)
Weight 6.5kg (In the air)
Power Supply DC12V-48V
Frequency 400kHz
No. of Beams 512
Depth Range 0.2~200m(Customizable)
Depth Accuracy 0.75cm
Swath Coverage 143°