Untethered, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Ocean Exploration and Long-Endurance Missions

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Untethered, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Ocean Exploration and Long-Endurance Missions
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HII is a leading developer of advanced unmanned and autonomous marine systems for commercial, defense and research applications.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Our untethered UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) have been used around the world in more than 30 countries, collecting valuable data for a wide variety of applications including marine research, hydrographic survey, MCM (mine countermeasures) and military ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance).

We also provide a wide variety of engineering services and end-to-end support for maritime unmanned systems, including design, manufacturing, testing, operations, repair and maintenance.

We have extensive experience in providing full-spectrum services for UUVs and USVs (unmanned surface vehicles).

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

The REMUS Technology Platform

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Our advanced next-generation UUVs are based around the REMUS Technology Platform, which features an open architecture, common operating system, and modular reconfigurable design. Providing reliable autonomy at depths down to 6000 metres, the flexible and scalable platform provides consistent high performance and a streamlined user experience.

auv technology

Advanced Autonomy

Advanced Autonomy SolutionsThe REMUS Technology Platform incorporates sophisticated search and navigation algorithms for robust autonomy, with advanced AI/ML enhancements. Missions are preprogrammed by the operator and the vehicle autonomously bottom tracks, avoids obstacles and communicates health status and location information.

Modular Payload System

REMUS UUVs can be customised to your exact requirements, with a modular architecture that allows sensors to be exchanged for different missions. The system also features swappable batteries with flexible energy options.

REMUS 100M Autonomous marine systems

Open Architecture

The REMUS design follows modular open system architecture (MOSA) principles, with data distribution service (DDS) middleware that enables adaptability, scalability and modularity of software. New sensors can be easily integrated without modifying the core vehicle control software, and an optional SDK is available for customer or third-party software integration.

Common Operating System

Utilising the same operating system across the entire REMUS family reduces training costs, streamlines operations, and facilitates effective cybersecurity and data encryption.

Our UUVs can reach depths down to 6,000 meters allowing them to survey 99% of the Earth’s ocean

Remus 100REMUS 100 Remus-300 Autonomous marine systemsREMUS 300M Remus-600 Autonomous Underwater VehicleREMUS 600M
Two-man portable, small-class UUV Two-man portable, small-class UUV Medium-class UUV
100-metre depth rated 300-metre depth rated 600-metre depth rated
Mission endurance up to 10 hours Mission endurance up to 30 hours Mission endurance up to 24 hours
Top speed of 4.5 knots Top speed of 5 knots Top speed of 4 knots
Bathymetric, environmental and MCM variants Advanced modularity for multi-mission capabilities Multiple launch and recovery options


Unmanned Undersea Vehicle for mine countermeasuresMine Countermeasures

REMUS autonomous marine systems can be equipped with side scan sonar to autonomously survey ports, harbours and large underwater areas, allowing operators to easily identify and classify mine-like objects for clearance.

Search and Recovery

Easily deployed from vessels of opportunity, REMUS unmanned undersea vehicles can cover large areas in a single sortie, making them ideal for locating targets such as downed aircraft and shipwrecks.

REMUS-100 hydrographic AUV surveyRapid Environmental Assessment

Untethered REMUS UUVs are ideal for Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA), using side scan sonar to characterize the physical environment and ocean bottom to reduce risk during emergencies and disasters.

Environmental Monitoring & Scientific Research

All our REMUS platforms can be equipped with a wide range of payloads and sensors enabling a variety of survey, monitoring and research missions. These include hydrography, marine geology and archaeology, mineral exploration and more.

Seaglider AUVs

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Long-Endurance Missions

ocean gliders

Our long-endurance Seaglider AUVs are rated for depths down to 1000 metres and use changes in buoyancy to move through the water column. With no propellers or external moving parts, these ocean gliders can be easily deployed for long-term missions with minimal noise and disturbance.

Ideal for collecting high-resolution temporal and spatial data, Seagliders are equipped with satellite telemetry and can be fitted with a range of payloads such as echosounders, passive acoustic measurement (PAM) instruments, and chemical and temperature sensors.

Seaglider underwater glider

Seaglider AUV

  • Autonomous underwater glider with sawtooth movement profile
  • 1000-metre depth rated
  • Mission endurance of up to 9 months
  • Satellite telemetry
  • Multiple payload options

Applications include:

  • Climate research
  • Oceanography
  • ISR
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Marine research and monitoring
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