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Satellite Telemetry Systems for C2 | Drone Computer Vision & AI Object Detection | BVLOS Drone Platforms

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Satellite Telemetry Systems for C2 | Drone Computer Vision & AI Object Detection | BVLOS Drone Platforms
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Heimdall AI is a leading developer of satellite telemetry and AI-powered image processing systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Our products are designed to enable the next generation of BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) and automated drone missions, and are ideal for a wide range of civilian and military applications such as mapping, inspection, SAR (search and rescue), and surveillance.

Micro Sat – Drone Telemetry Module

Satellite telemetry system for drone C2

satellite telemetry system for droneMicro Sat is a plug-and-play bi-directional satellite telemetry system for reliable command and control (C2) of BVLOS drones. Telemetry data from the drone autopilot is streamed directly to the ground control station (GCS) and can be displayed on QGroundControl or Mission Planner.

Our telemetry systems use satellite constellations for drone communications, the datalink system is made up of a drone telemetry module and a ground module, and features dual-antenna architecture for enhanced path diversity.

Micro Sat provides seamless compatibility with the MAVLink protocol and leading commercial autopilots such as Pixhawk.

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AI Unit – Object Detection & Image Compression

AI-powered drone computer vision system

AI drone object detectionOur AI Unit is a drone computer vision system that provides real-time artificial intelligence-powered object detection and tracking. Targets can be automatically geolocalized, and their speed and heading calculated.

The drone AI object detection unit also features a proprietary image compression system designed for efficient transmission of 4K pictures via SATCOM datalink.

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Sender Unit – SATCOM DataLink

Satellite telemetry module for transmission of compressed images & data

drone data linkThe Sender Unit is a compact and lightweight satellite telemetry module utilizing the Iridium SATCOM network. It provides bidirectional data rates of up to 2.4 Kb/s.

The drone telemetry module is compatible with our AI object detection unit, and is ideal for transmitting images and data post-compression.

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BVLOS Mapping Combo

Image acquisition, processing & transmission for mapping & ISR

UAV communications systemThe BVLOS Mapping Combo is an all-in one object tracking, image processing and SATCOM UAV communication system for beyond visual line of sight mapping & ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) operations. It allows UAVs to undertake missions far beyond the range of traditional datalink systems

The package combines our Sender and AI Units, providing the ability to detect and track objects, process and compress camera input, and transmit images at up to 2.4 Kb/s. The BVLOS Mapping Combo also includes our proprietary ground software for map generation and object detection display.

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Mini Mapper – Fixed-Wing BVLOS UAV

Long-range drone platform for BVLOS mapping

uav for bvlos mappingThe Mini Mapper is a long-range fixed-wing UAS specially designed for BVLOS mapping and surveying applications.

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AI Platform – BVLOS Quadcopter

BVLOS multirotor drone platform for inspection & surveillance

ai drone platform
Our AI Platform is an experimental quadcopter-based drone platform for BVLOS inspection and surveillance applications.

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