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Smart Antenna TS112 PRO Innovative High-performance Smart Antenna for Precision Agriculture
Smart Antenna TS112 PRO

Innovative High-performance Smart Antenna for Precision Agriculture

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Smart Antenna TS112 PRO

Harxon TS112 PRO is designed with the most up-to-date GNSS technology provided by Harxon and world’s most advanced GNSS module provided by Hexagon | NovAtel. Harxon’s X-Survey™ OEM GNSS antenna and Hexagon | NovAtel’s OEM GNSS module combine to offer centimeter-level positioning accuracy with excellent interference mitigation performance for farming fields and wild environments.

Ultimate Positioning Accuracy

TS112 PRO can either get access to local base station or NTRIP Client services to reach RTK accuracy. Meanwhile, it can get access to TerraStar correction services to reach centimeter-level accuracy.

Comprehensive GNSS Support for Robust Positioning Performance

TS112 PRO employs Harxon’s latest positioning technology 4in1 multifunctional GNSS antenna and receives comprehensive GNSS support and flexible L-band correction service.

GLIDETM Positioning Technology

TS112 PRO also features GLIDETM smooth positioning that offers superior Pass-to-Pass accuracy down to 20 centimeters for applications where relative positioning is critical.

STEADYLINE® Smooth Positioning

TS112 PRO also supports STEADYLINE® smooth positioning technology that provides smoother steering and straighter rows by reducing positioning jumps.

Terrain Compensation for Maximum Accuracy

TS112 PRO also features terrain compensation algorithm that is capable of correcting deviations that caused by vehicle’s roll and pitch while working on uneven groups or slopes.

Rich Interfaces for Flexible Connectivity

TS112 PRO equips two NMEA0183 compatible RS-232 serial ports, one NMEA2000 compatible CAN port. It also equips Bluetooth wireless technology for easy configuration.

Ruggedized and Durable Design, Flexible Installations Available

TS112 PRO adopts a compact and flat structure design. Its IP67 rating housing ensures reliable performance in harsh environments. It also simplifies the installation by providing two options.

  • Centimeter Level TerraStar-C and RTK Accuracy
  • Comprehensive GNSS Support for robust Signal Tracking
  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology for Easy Connectivity
  • GLIDETM Positioning Technology for Superior 20cm Pass-to-Pass Accuracy
  • STEADYLINE R Smooth Positioning Technology Reducing Position Jumps
  • Terrain Compensation Algorithm Maximums Positioning Accuracy
  • Rugged Housing, Flexible Installation Options, IP67 Rating Waterproo