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GAMA Advanced maritime autonomy & remote control software

Advanced maritime autonomy & remote control software

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GAMA is an advanced maritime autonomy software package that can convert any existing or new-build vessel of length 15 metres or less into an uncrewed or autonomous surface vessel (USV/ASV). The Australian-developed sovereign solution works with a wide range of sensors, including optical, IR, radar, LiDAR, sonar, AIS and more, as well as WiFi, cellular or satellite communications.

Utilising remote command and control systems and a compact vessel control unit (VCU) module, the software seamlessly displays sensor data, video streams, and mission planning features, and runs on any device. GAMA provides fully COLREGS-compliant autonomy and collision avoidance, and can also be used to control onboard equipment such as sonars, cranes, winches and more.