MEMS Inertial Sensors: IMUs, GPS-Aided INS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, AHRS
LandMark™ 60 Rugged, Low Noise GPS-Aided INS
LandMark™ 60

Rugged, Low Noise GPS-Aided INS

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LandMark™ 60

The LandMark™ 60 is our lowest-noise INS/GPS. Ideal for flight control, navigation, platform stabilization and other general unmanned aircraft requirements, it also features CANBUS output.

Featuring the same rugged environmental sealing and protection as our IMUs, the INS features a 72-channel, 18Hz update rate GPS receiver and high-performance MEMS inertial suite, using state-of-the-art Kalman Filter algorithms to optimize inertial navigation for UAVs and other unmanned vehicles during short-term GPS outages.

Size: 6.88 cubic inches
Weight: 160g
Heading Accuracy: 0.3°
Velocity Accuracy: 0.05 m/s
ARW: 0.0016°/sec/√Hz