Rugged Drone Anemometers & Ultrasonic Wind Sensors for UAVs & Ground Control Stations
FT742 Surface Mount Wind Sensor FT7 Series Acoustic Resonance Wind Sensor
FT742 Surface Mount Wind Sensor

FT7 Series Acoustic Resonance Wind Sensor

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FT742 Surface Mount Wind Sensor

The FT742 Surface Mount wind sensor is designed for OEM integration. It has an electronic compass and a thermostatic heater. The sensor has been integrated into UAVs, drones, military vehicles, autonomous robots, handheld weather stations, drifter buoys, vehicle-mounted and ship-based meteorological systems. The sensor can be installed to ensure alignment with a standard reference, typically Magnetic North, or the integrated compass can calculate this automatically. Small, low power and extremely rugged, the FT742-SM is extensively tested and certified for vibration and shock resistance, and RF immunity.

Key Features:

  • Measures wind speed, direction and temperature
  • No moving parts, maintenance free
  • Compact size and shape make it physically strong
  • Powered by Acu-Res® Technology – gives a signal 40dB stronger than other ultrasonics
  • Acu-Res® software automatically compensates for changes in air temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Hard anodised aluminium body is corrosion resistant to ISO9227 & IEC12944, corrosion class C5M
  • Thermostatically-controlled heating system – ideal for use in extreme environments
  • Fully-sealed and waterproof to IP66 and IP67
  • Shock-resistant, immune to vibration, electromagnetic interference and solar radiation
  • Operates at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C
  • Resists icing conditions to MIL-STD-810G
  • Operates at altitudes up to 4000m
  • No exposed parts – resistant to bird attack
  • Low power usage – even when heated
  • Wind speed can be output in m/s, km/h or knots
  • Available with digital RS485HD interface
  • Individually calibrated in our wind tunnel, no re-calibration required
  • Calibration results traceable by serial number, report available upon request