Miniature Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG Sensors) & IMUs for UAVs & Robotics
VG221LN Ultra-miniature low-noise open-loop FOG

Ultra-miniature low-noise open-loop FOG

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The VG221LN is a member of Fizoptika Malta's most compact and lightweight series of FOG sensors, measuring just 33 mm in diameter and weighing only 15 grams. It features high-accuracy measurement capabilities and ultra-low noise performance of just 0.025°/√h.

Like all Fizoptika Malta gyroscopes, the miniature FOG unit contains fully integrated optics and electronics. With an extremely low SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, it is ideal for a wide range of unmanned vehicle and robotics applications such as gimbal and platform stabilization.


Dimensions (D x H) 33 x 12mm
Weight 15g
Power 0.5W
Input Range 400o/s
Bias 3o/hr RMS
ARW 0.025 °/√h
Bandwidth 1 kHz
Scale Factor 0.03% RMS
Magnetic Response 4°/h/Gauss