Vision Enhanced RTK-GNSS Positioning System – Enabling Autonomy At Scale

Vision Enhanced RTK-GNSS Positioning System – Enabling Autonomy At Scale
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Fixposition develops autonomous guidance sensors with high-precision positioning that excel in challenging environments, such as urban canyons, underpasses, and under tree canopies. Combining high precision RTK-GNSS with inertial and visual sensors, our deep sensor fusion technology provides precise global positioning anytime, anywhere.

Precise global positioning everywhere – enabling autonomy at scale

RTK-GNSS positioningAutonomous vehicles operating both on the ground and in the air require accurate positioning down to the centimetre to decimeter level. Traditional GNSS/GPS-based solutions cannot always provide this crucial capability under challenging conditions such as in urban canyons, under tree canopies, and inside buildings. Even GNSS-INS fusion is not enough to provide the required positioning accuracy in all environments.

Our state-of-the-art solution combines RTK-GNSS positioning with advanced inertial and visual sensors, allowing autonomous machines to know exactly where they are at all times with previously unachievable precision and accuracy.

Vision-RTK 2 – Vision Enhanced RTK-GNSS Positioning System

Precise positioning for autonomous vehicles & robotics

The Vision-RTK 2 is a lightweight, compact off-the-shelf system that can be easily integrated into a wide range of autonomous vehicles and platforms.

Featuring industry-standard connectors, it provides plug-and-play autonomy for logistics, landscaping, urban delivery, land mowers and more, allowing you to simplify development and reduce time-to-market.

The solution is available in a weatherproof enclosure or as an OEM board, and includes an intuitive web-based interface for setup and monitoring, with a dashboard that provides visualization of your data.

Vision-RTK 2 - gnss positioning sensor

Autonomous vehicle sensor fusion

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Sophisticated Multi-Sensor Fusion Technology

Robust & precise positioning for autonomous vehicles

Intelligent positioning - sensor-fusion in autonomous vehicles

The Vision-RTK 2 system feeds all available sensor data into our deep sensor fusion engine, combining the best of GNSS  and relative positioning to overcome weaknesses in individual sensors and remove the time-dependent drift characteristics present in IMU-based solutions. The result is robust and precise positioning even in GNSS-degraded or denied areas.

Our solutions include:

Sensor fusion

All available sensor data such as GNSS observations, camera images and IMU measurements are fed into Fixposition’s deep sensor fusion engine. Auxiliary inputs like wheel speed information can also be added to increase sensor performance in GNSS degraded or denied areas.

The fusion engine leverages the strengths of multiple independent sensor technologies and compensates for individual weaknesses to provide an optimal pose estimate.

multi sensor fusion technology


Two dual-band receivers use satellite signals from all four GNSS Systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo) to determine the sensor’s absolute position and orientation.

Common errors in current GNSS systems require corrections to achieve the high-level of accuracy required. RTK technology is used to correct these errors and achieve centimeter-level accurate positioning.  NTRIP is used to provide the correction data to the sensor. This data can be obtained from publicly available Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks, or from a local physical base station.

rtk positioning system

Visual Odometry

Camera images are used to extract significant points (visual features) that are tracked across multiple images.

Subsequent observations of visual features allow computation of how the camera moved in between the captured images.

 Visual Odometry

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Professional evaluation and design support

We work with you to determine the specifics of your hardware and software platforms and the unique requirements of your application. An evaluation kit is available for easy prototyping and testing, and data can be uploaded for our engineers to assist you.

We can then fine-tune your design to optimize performance, and continue to support you during the production phase with software updates, feature requests and other upgrades.

The Vision-RTK 2 hardware and software is easily scalable for high-volume production runs.


sensor fusion autonomous driving

Precision Agriculture

Autonomous agricultural vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, and crop sprayers, are essential for meeting the challenges faced by the farming industry of the future.

autonomous delivery robot navigation

Autonomous Delivery Robots

Our positioning solutions give delivery robots the capabilities they need to operate successfully in complex and busy urban environments, without getting stuck or lost or requiring human intervention.

Lawn-Mowing and Landscaping Robots

The Vision-RTK 2 has been successfully integrated into robotic law mowing vehicles, allowing these systems to deal with complex landscape areas and boundaries in a highly efficient manner.

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