Electric Propulsion Technology & Power Systems - Drone Motors, Motor Controllers, Starter Generators

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Electric Propulsion Technology & Power Systems - Drone Motors, Motor Controllers, Starter Generators
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ePropelled is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electric propulsion technology and intelligent power solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones. Our compact turnkey systems are hybrid-ready and enable lighter and more efficient UAV engines, resulting in lower energy consumption, longer flight times and enhanced range.

UAV electric propulsion technology

Electric Propulsion Systems

Propulsion Motors

High-efficiency brushless motors for drones

Electric propulsion motors for dronesWith a best-in-class thrust-to-weight ratio, our high-efficiency drone propulsion motors deliver high power in a compact form factor. Incorporating frameless stators and rotors, the brushless motor systems are assembled in the USA from high-quality materials and provide enhanced cooling and heat dissipation.

ePropelled UAV motors are available with continuous power output options of 750 W to 12 kW, and can be paired with our intelligent air motor controllers  to provide a complete onboard electrical propulsion system for the most demanding of applications.

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Intelligent Air Motor Controllers

Lightweight & compact electric drone motor controllers

Intelligent motor controllersePropelled’s innovative intelligent air motor controllers (iAMCs) adapt to the smallest changes in motor direction and acceleration, providing enhanced stability and precise control. The compact and lightweight electronic speed controller units provide significant space and weight savings for UAVs, enabling you to fly further.

The iAMCs include CAN communications that provide users with complete visibility into the performance of the propulsion system. They are available in a range of sizes and power outputs, and can be matched with our UAV motors to create a complete electric propulsion solution.

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Electric Power Systems

Starter Generators

Power generation for hybrid UAV propulsion

Drone Starter generatorsProviding the power generation capabilities of an alternator, our starter generators are ideal for hybrid drone power systems and deliver enough torque to start internal combustion engines from the onboard battery. The robust units absorb uneven combustion produced by engine torque, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees F (205 degrees C).

The starter generators enable temporary switching to electric power in order to reduce the noise of internal combustion engines, and allow engines to be supported during times of peak power.

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Intelligent Power Systems

Power management units for onboard drone systems

Intelligent power systemsOur intelligent power systems (iPS) are complete power management units for UAVs, providing steady regulated DC outputs for onboard avionics, motors and payloads and delivering efficiency of up to 93.5%. We provide an easy-to-use open API that allows custom application development for parameter configuration, alerts and alarms, and other mission-specific requirements.

All iPS units can be integrated with our electronic engine starters to create a system for driving the starter generator during engine start sequences.

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Electronic Engine Starters

Internal starting systems for hybrid drone propulsion

Electronic engine starter for dronesOur self-contained electronic engine starters do away with the complexity of external starting systems, providing enhanced capabilities for hybrid drone propulsion applications including power assist for takeoff and extended range for emergency landings.

ePropelled electronic engine starters can be combined with our intelligent power systems, and are available in 3000W and 6000W variants.

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