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ESA Radar for Counter-UAS & Ground-based or Airborne DAA (Detect-and-Avoid)

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Echodyne Corp.
ESA Radar for Counter-UAS & Ground-based or Airborne DAA (Detect-and-Avoid)
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Echodyne is a leading developer of low-SWaP (size, weight and power) beam-steering radars for defense, security, and autonomous vehicle applications.

Our proprietary metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA®) technology is ideal for airspace surveillance for defense and security (counter-UAS), for ground-based UAS sites and corridors, and for airborne detect-and-avoid (DAA) solutions.

Anti Drone Radar

Advanced MESA Radar Technology

Echodyne MESA technology brings true beam-steering radar to more markets and applications, with breakthrough performance in an unprecedented C-SWaP (cost, size, weight, and power) package.

Electronically Scanned Array RadarUsing standard PCB fabrication and assembly techniques, our MESA designs produce outstanding performance and reliability with reduced complexity.

Echodyne’s game-changing MESA radars are deployed around the world for a wide range of mission-critical applications, including force protection, border control, drone detect-and-avoid (DAA), and more.

Radar for Collision Avoidance & Airspace Management

Airborne and ground-based radar for BVLOS UAV situational awareness

We provide both aerial and ground-based radar solutions that enhance safety for UAS operating in shared and commercial airspace, providing unrivalled situational awareness and helping to accelerate the integration of drone operations into everyday life.

EchoFlight mesa radar

EchoFlight radars on AATI’s UAV

EchoFlightEchoFlight Drone Radar is an airborne radar designed to provide advanced detect-and-avoid capabilities for UAVs. Thanks to our unique MESA technology, the system features an ultra-low SWaP footprint while delivering true beam-steering radar performance.

EchoFlight provides a range of options for data output and integration into drone autopilot systems, from low bit-rate fully processed tracks to data-rich R/V maps.Airborne Collision Avoidance Radar

EchoFlight drone detection radar provides detection and tracking of both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft, and has been selected by private companies, federal agencies, and UAS research centers around the world.

EchoGuard is a ground-based airspace management solution based around a software-defined 3D radar that can be fully customized to site and mission requirements.

drone detection radar

The compact high-performance ESA radar can be used to secure large flight zones and long-distance routes and flight corridors, and has been tested in a wide range of austere conditions and environments.

4d radar

We have also developed EchoShield, a pulse-Doppler cognitive 4D radar that combines high-precision ESA beamforming and real-time dynamic waveform synthesis to provide tracking of up to hundreds of moving objects with sub-degree accuracy.

EchoShield uses cognitive search capabilities and significant onboard processing power to provide superior tracking performance and airspace situational awareness.

Counter Drone Radar

Advanced radar for drone detection, tracking and classification

Our ground-based MESA radar solutions are also ideal for counter-UAS systems, providing protection against rogue drone threats for critical infrastructure and assets, military bases, and border security facilities.

counter drone radar

EchoGuard radars deployed on Black Sage’s Sawtooth C-UAS System

EchoGuard detects and tracks single or multiple drones, including swarms, in unauthorized areas. It provides precise and continuous airspace scanning of the configured field of view for human-in-the-loop or AI visual confirmation. The man-portable system can be easily integrated into C2 (command and control) systems or with other identification sensors, and multiple EchoGuard units can be networked together to cover large areas or long borders.

EchoGuard outputs detailed data with a variety of formatting options, making it ideal for cueing pan-tilt-zoom optical sensors for visual tracking and creating detailed records for existing security systems.

Our new EchoShield cognitive 4D radar is optimised for counter-UAS missions, providing powerful target tracking and classification with low false-alarms and near-zero false-negatives.

EchoShield can deal with any UAS threat, from small, low and slow-moving aircraft to swarms made up of hundreds of drones. The highly versatile software-defined radar can be adapted to a wide range of mission profiles to suit any counter-drone application.

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