Light-Curable Adhesives, Conformal Coatings, and Maskants for Circuit Boards, Electronic Assemblies & Camera Modules

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Light-Curable Adhesives, Conformal Coatings, and Maskants for Circuit Boards, Electronic Assemblies & Camera Modules
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Dymax is a leading manufacturer of UV/LED light-curable materials for manned and unmanned satellites, missiles, and spacecraft.

Rapid light-curing materials bond and protect PCBs (printed circuit boards), electronic subassemblies, and optical components in mission-critical aerospace, defense, and military applications. The adhesives, coatings, and maskants shield parts from moisture, chemicals, temperature extremes, and other environmental conditions that can cause systems to fail.

light-curable conformal coatingsThe solvent-free, eco-friendly, one-part products are designed for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Active alignment of lenses
  • Protection of printed circuit boards and electronics
  • Optical component bonding
  • Camera module assembly

UV Light-Cure Conformal Coatings

Reliable Protection of Printed Circuit Boards and Electronics

PCB Conformal CoatingsDymax conformal coatings protect substrates and component surfaces from the severe conditions that PCBs can be exposed to. The solvent-free materials cure in seconds under UV/Visible or LED light, minimizing process time and maximizing manufacturing throughput, process efficiency, and cost savings.

Designed to provide enhanced shielding, the conformal coatings protect electronic PCBs and board-level components from moisture, dust, corrosion, and other challenging environments. Formulations with secondary heat-cure capability are available for applications where shadow areas exist.
circuit board protective coating
Bondable substrates include PCB materials, glass, FR-4, metal, ceramic, and glass-filled epoxy. Materials that meet NASA’s ASTM E595 low outgassing requirements for space applications and numerous other IPC and MIL-spec approvals are available.

UV Adhesives

Light-Curable Epoxy Adhesives for Active Alignment and Camera Module Assembly

Dymax epoxy adhesives cure with UV/Visible light in seconds for rapid, precise assembly of optical components and camera modules. Bond lens barrels and holders, CCD or CMOS die, rigid PCBs, or use them for active alignment applications.

camera module adhesive

These moisture and thermal-cycle-resistant epoxies meet the stringent low-shrinkage and low-outgassing requirements for satellite and spacecraft avionics. Materials with a secondary heat-cure function are available to ensure a complete cure in PCB areas shadowed by light. Bondable substrates include LCP, PCB, PPS, FPC, and metallic surfaces.

SpeedMask® Maskants

Protective Conformal Coating Masking Materials for PCBs & Electronics

conformal coating masking materialsDymax SpeedMask maskants solve a variety of PCB and electronics manufacturing challenges, including component protection during conformal coating operations. The materials can conform to complex geometries and cure rapidly upon exposure to UV/Visible light, so they can replace slow-curing, labor-intensive wax, tape, and lacquer masking methods. They are compatible with gold and copper pins and ideal for protecting keep-out areas during processing.

SpeedMask maskants can be dipped, sprayed, or screen printed in one layer, making them instantly production-ready. They are easily removed after proper cure via peeling, leaving a residue-free surface with no contamination. Additionally, they are a green, eco-friendly, solvent-free, one-component alternative to two-part solvent-based maskants.

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