Gyro-Stabilized EO/IR Gimbals and LWIR Thermal Cameras for UAS


DST CONTROL is a leading supplier of lightweight thermal imagers and high-performance gyro-stabilized gimbals with both electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) capabilities. Our ITAR-free products are optimized for use in small and medium sized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and other unmanned vehicles.

Our products are highly customizable with a wide choice of integrated cameras and sensors, enabling you to craft the ideal solution for your specific mission.


The OTUS range of UAS gimbals provides superior stabilization performance, featuring purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors for active vibration attenuation.

All electronics required for the advanced digital control fit within the unit shell. A three-dimensional micro-mechanical IMU and a laser range finder allow for powerful features such as geo-location and geo-positioning. The OTUS gimbals’ digital servo controller is also capable of driving optional features including vehicle control and navigation.

OTUS-U135 2-Axis Drone Micro Gimbal

The gimbals in the OTUS range can be equipped with up to four sensors, including daylight cameras, uncooled and cooled infrared imagers, laser pointers, laser rangefinders and laser illuminators. They are ideal for a wide variety of unmanned vehicle applications, including law enforcement, surveillance and mapping.

2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Micro Gimbals for UAS

2-Axis Drone Micro GimbalThe OTUS-U135, OTUS-L170 and OTUS-L205 are lightweight two-axis gyro-stabilized micro gimbals that provide high performance in a small form factor. They offer < 100 μrad de-stabilisation, depending on the configuration.

The gimbals can be configured with one composite (PAL or NTSC) and / or one component video (Full HD) or Ethernet video interface, and are available with a variety of combinations of EO and IR sensors.

OTUS-U135 2-Axis Drone Micro Gimbal OTUS-L170 2-Axis Drone Micro Gimbal OTUS-L205 2-Axis Drone Micro Gimbal
Model OTUS-U135 OTUS-L170 OTUS-L205
De-stabilization <100µrad or <250µrad <100µrad or <250µrad <100µrad or <250µrad
Weight 1.4kg 2.3kg 2.6kg
Diameter 135mm 170mm 205mm
Height 186mm 243mm 275mm

OTUS U-250 4-Axis Multisensor Gimbal for UAS

OTUS-U250 4-Axis Drone GimbalThe OTUS U-250 is a 4-axis gimbal that combines purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors and geared motors for even greater stabilization performance – less than 50 μrad de-stabilization.

It can be configured with two composite (PAL or NTSC) and / or one component (Full HD) video interfaces, and is available with a variety of combinations of EO, LWIR and MWIR sensors.

The OTUS U-250 features an RS485 control interface for user interaction and external heading/position source.


Slew Rate Up to 120 °/sec maximum
Feedback Performance 0.036°/ ± 0.1° typical encoder resolution/accuracy, 200 Hz update rate
De-stabilization <50 μrad
Power Requirements 18-36 Vdc, 70 W (typical)
Dimensions 254 mm diameter x 342 mm height
Weight 8-12kg


SAITIS-2-640 LWIR Thermal Imaging UAS Camera

The SAITIS-2-640 is a small lightweight, low power uncooled LWIR (Long Wave Infra Red) camera that features an integrated shutter for automatic image calibration. With a customized housing to match the optics requirements, it can be equipped with a wide range of fixed and zoom lenses.

SAITIS-2 LWIR Thermal Imaging Drone Camera

The SAITIS-2-640 can be configured with analogue (CVBS in PAL or NTSC) and digital (GigE, USB3 or LVDS) video interfaces.

UAS applications include thermal inspection, security and law enforcement, surveillance, border control and system integration.


Spectral Band 8-14 um
Pixel Pitch 17 um
Resolution 640×480
Frame Rates 9, 25 or 30Hz
Power Dissipation 1W (typical, 6-15 Vdc)
Weight from 54g
Dimensions from 42 mm x 42 mm x 36 mm

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