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Commander 3 XL Versatile long-endurance multirotor UAV
Commander 3 XL

Versatile long-endurance multirotor UAV

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Commander 3 XL

The Commander 3 XL is a versatile multirotor drone designed for a variety of applications including public safety, search and rescue, precision agriculture and cargo delivery. Able to maintain high performance in light rain and snow, it can carry a 10-kilo (22-lb) payload for 20 minutes, and can be equipped with specialized package drop or winch systems for drone deliveries.

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The entire platform has been specifically designed for maximum convenience and portability. The airframe can be packed down into a transportable case, with a simple rectangular fuselage, quick-release arm assemblies and a choice of quick-release or folding propellers.

The Commander 3 XL is equipped with secure communications capabilities, including North American-built flight controllers, sensors and radios. Range can be extended via point-to-point radio or cellular datalink.


Dimensions 36 x 37 x 12” (without propellers)
64 x 63 x 12” (with propellers)
Max Payload Weight 10 kg (22 lbs)
Max Takeoff Weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
Max Airspeed 38 knots (72 km/h)
Max Endurance 55 minutes (hover)
50 minutes (flight)
Max Controller Range 2 km (1.2 miles)
Operating Ceiling 2438m (8000 ft) ASL