Mission Critical Communications & Connectivity for Real-Time UAV Situational Awareness

Mission Critical Communications & Connectivity for Real-Time UAV Situational Awareness
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Dejero is a leading developer of resilient mission-critical communications solutions that provide secure connectivity and real-time situational awareness for UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and other unmanned platforms.

With the ability to combine diverse connections from multiple providers, our products can transmit high-definition video in real time, intelligently managing the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections to enhance connection bandwidth and reliability.

uav video transmitter

Dejero solutions work even when existing communications infrastructure has been damaged, expanding operational areas for drone pilots and enabling a wide range of missions from ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) to beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flights.

Our Technologies

Smart Blending for Tactical Real-Time Video

Situational awareness & mission critical communications

Unlike traditional failover or link aggregation solutions, our smart blending technology combines multiple wired (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual network of networks.

This approach provides enhanced network reliability, coverage and bandwidth, allowing you to stay connected with the capacity you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Smart Blending Technology for Tactical Real-Time Video

Everything you need to know about Smart Blending Technology

Download the whitepaper on Dejero Smart Blending Technology – learn how we do it so you can bring reliable connectivity to your organization.

Hybrid Video Encoding

Low latency video streaming & communications

Our specialized hybrid encoding technology combines the speed and efficiency of hardware with the flexibility, adaptability, and upgradeability of software. It is ideal for low-latency live video, maximising quality by dynamically adapting encoding in real time to the video complexity and requirements.

Hybrid video Encoding Technology for low latency communications

Dejero’s hybrid architecture provides a variety of advances and features, including:

  • Hardware-based encoder for ultra-low latency and power-efficient encoding
  • Auto-scaler maximizes resolution, allowing video to be reliably encoded and transported
  • Resolution optimizer takes into account complexity and connection feedback to determine maximum resolution
  • Complexity analyzer provides real-time feedback from the hardware encoder about the complexity of video content
  • Connection analyzer provides real-time feedback from Smart Blending Technology on throughput capacity and latency

Everything you need to know about Hybrid Encoding Technology

Dejero Hybrid Encoding Technology works together with our Smart Blending Technology to form a tightly integrated system which maximizes video quality by responding in real time to changes in network characteristics and video content.

Wireless Resilient Communications

Our Resilient Wireless Technology is based around an advanced RF design that works in conjunction with our Smart Blending Technology and Hybrid Encoding Technology to maximise efficient usage of every bit of bandwidth.

The result is ultra-reliable transmission and reception in even the most challenging cellular environments, including remote field locations, deep within buildings, and on the move.

wireless resilient communications

Everything you need to know about Resilient Wireless Technology

Download our whitepaper on why a resilient wireless system is critical to delivering reliable connectivity in portable devices.

Our Products

Dejero EnGo 263

Long-range LTE UAV video transmitter

EnGo 263 - encrypted transmission low latency video streamingThe rugged EnGo 263 seamlessly integrates with UAVs and drones to provide secure encrypted transmission of high-definition, real-time tactical video from the field. Featuring intelligent network blending technology, the AES256-encrypted solution delivers ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) for unmatched performance and situational awareness.

The easy-to-use unit is quick to deploy and includes a large capacitive touchscreen for video preview and status monitoring, as well as a wired remote and built-in automation for detecting video input and format.

Learn more: Dejero EnGo 263 – Long-Range Video Transmitter

GateWay Network Aggregation Solutions

Resilient internet access for critical communications

Network Aggregation Solutions for mission critical communicationsOur enterprise-grade GateWay smart wireless internet solutions can be installed in UAS ground control stations to provide  resilient internet connectivity for voice, video, and data transmission. Integrating our Smart Blending Technology, GateWay products aggregate cellular and satellite connections to deliver uninterrupted mobile broadband and wireless connectivity.

GateWay solutions are available as rackmount devices or compact ruggedized units, with a range of options for WAN & LAN ports, Wi-Fi hotspots and SIM slots.


Mission critical communicationsPublic Safety & First Responders

Dejero solutions provide police, firefighters and medical personnel with real-time aerial views of emergency situations and disasters, enabling more effective decision-making and keeping operators out of harm’s way.

long range video transmitterSearch & Rescue

Our critical connectivity solutions allow SAR operators to quickly and easily set up UAS communications in remote and tricky areas, enabling BVLOS flights and expanding search areas when time is of the essence.

real-time situational awarenessDefense & Military

Our mission-critical products provide resilient communications for forward operating bases and units in the field, enhancing ISR and providing real-time situational awareness for the tactical advantage.

Customer Success Stories

Dejero provides critical connectivity to San Diego PD at 2021 US Open
Dejero delivered uninterrupted wireless internet connectivity to San Diego Police Department for access to mission-critical apps. Read more >

Dejero and Rajant support Santa Barbara Fire Department in battle against 420-acre wildfire
Dejero and Rajant technology supported Santa Barbara Fire Department in battle against a 420-acre wildfire in Santa Barbara county, California. Read more >

Dejero and Rajant deliver live feeds and telemetry data from challenging equestrian polo match
Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology provided cellular backhaul connectivity from a Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network to deliver live video and real-time data to online spectators and trainers.
Read more >

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