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RF-Cyber based Counter-UAS Solutions for Drone Threat Detection & Mitigation

D-Fend Solutions
RF-Cyber based Counter-UAS Solutions for Drone Threat Detection & Mitigation
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D-Fend Solutions is a leading developer of RF-Cyber based counter-UAS (unmanned aerial systems) technologies designed to safely and efficiently detect and neutralize drone threats, allowing the operator to remain in complete control until the end of the rogue drone incident.couter-uas solutions

Our non-jamming, non-kinetic, no line-of-sight solutions provide significant advantages over traditional counter-drone measures. They have been deployed and trusted by a range of U.S. government agencies, including military, federal law enforcement and homeland security, and are also in use at major international airports around the world.

Advanced RF-based cyber detection and mitigation

EnforceAir RF counter-drone systemEnforceAir’s next-generation cyber detection capabilities scan for the unique RF communications signals used by commercial drones. The system can use the information in these signals to classify the drone, precisely locate it, and tag it as authorized or unauthorized. All this can be achieved in RF noisy environments without direct line-of-sight and without producing false positives.

Once the threat has been detected, located, tracked, and identified, the system then flows naturally into takeover mitigation with the option to either fend-off the drone or take control and land it. We utilize a non-jamming, non-kinetic methodology that takes over the rogue drone and forces it to land in a pre-selected location. This lower-risk method provides maximum safety for people and property in the vicinity.

Together, these capabilities provide a seamless end-to-end counter-UAS solution that maintains optimal airspace safety from initial detection through resolution of the incident. These systems can also be deployed autonomously and can even deal with drone swarms.


Advanced anti-drone system with RF cyber takeover technology

EnforceAir is a world-leading counter-drone system based on innovative radio-frequency (RF) cyber takeover technology. With its seamless operational adaptability, EnforceAir excels in addressing drone threats across various sectors, environments, and scenarios. Equipped with comprehensive detection and mitigation capabilities, EnforceAir delivers unparalleled situational awareness, operational continuity, and secure outcomes. Whether in autonomous or manual mode, the system swiftly identifies, locates, and accurately distinguishes rogue drones within protected airspace. It effectively neutralizes these threats by assuming control of the drone and guiding it to a safe landing within a predefined zone.

RF-based cyber detection

Utilizing non-jamming, non-kinetic technology that operates without line-of-sight requirements, EnforceAir ensures minimal disruption while distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized drones. This approach supports the preservation of communications and operational continuity.

EnforceAir can be easily controlled via an intuitive management application on a ruggedized multi-touch tablet, allowing users to view and define mission areas, safe routes, and drone classifications, and to take control of drone threats with a single tap.


Next-generation counter-UAS capabilities

EnforceAir2 is a fully enhanced next-generation version of the flagship counter-drone system, delivering more power and performance in a highly compact footprint.

With powerful real-time processing and a wide detection range, it provides superior protection and control across the entire drone threat incident lifecycle.

counter-drone system

The low-SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) system can be easily transported in compact and lightweight Pelican cases and is quick to set up. It can be provided as a multi-mission SOF (Seamless Operational Flexibility) bundle that enables a variety of different operational deployment options, including tactical, vehicular, fixed-site, and man-portable.


Multi-sensor command & control system for expanded counter-drone coverage

Multi-sensor command & control systemMSC2 is a central management solution for the EnforceAir counter-UAS system, allowing users to network and control multiple sensors from a single server and provide scalable protection over wide areas. All drone detections are merged seamlessly into a common operating picture and duplications are automatically eliminated, providing a holistic situational awareness capability that is ideal for airports, border protection, event security and more.

For efficient mitigation and effective response to drone threats, MSC2 selects the most suitable sensor according to radio parameters and ranges. It also features an autonomous auto-mitigation mode that enables it to work without the need for operator intervention.

The versatile system can be deployed in two configurations:

  • Stationary: based on a tower server for 24/7, 365-day fixed-site operations
  • Tactical: based on a ruggedized laptop server, ideal for ad-hoc deployments of multiple sensors and on-the-move protection

More information: MSC2 multi-sensor command & control system

Deployment Kits

The EnforceAir counter-drone solutions can be provided in specific form factors to suit a variety of use cases, providing end-to-end detection and mitigation capabilities for diverse scenarios, settings, and terrains. Rapid setup, locking, and release mechanisms facilitate swift transitions between deployments, ensuring efficient conversions as needed.

counter uas deployment solutions

Options include:

  • Military Vehicle – MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461 and IP66 compliant solution for comprehensive on-the-move protection, with optional autonomy that allows operators to focus on the mission.
  • Vehicle easy mounting and transferring between a range of different road vehicles, providing a covert capability that delivers a moving bubble of counter-UAS protection.
  • Tactical – tripod mounted with long-range 360-degree coverage for deployment at ground level, on rooftops, or on elevated terrain.
  • Backpack – man-portable, ultra-mobile protection with covert concealed antennas.
  • Stationary – easy pole-mounting and designed with extreme wind and weather protection.
  • Long-Range Directional – designed for long-distance coverage, with pole-mounted ultra-wideband antenna unit.

More information: EnforceAir2 C-UAS Deployment Kits

Deployment Bundles

EnforceAir Deployment BundleEnforceAir2 can be provided as a multi-mission bundle that allows counter-UAS teams to rapidly change between modes to swiftly react to dynamic situations.

Using the same core SDR system, the versatile capability can be seamlessly converted between tactical, vehicular, man-portable, and pole mount deployments, ensuring superior effectiveness for any stationary or on-the-move counter-drone mission.

More information: Deployment Bundles

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