Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and Single Cylinder EFI Engines for Drones
Corvid-50 UAV Engine Power, Capability and Confidence
Corvid-50 UAV Engine

Power, Capability and Confidence

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Corvid-50 UAV Engine

This engine is based on the Desert Aircraft DA-50 engine and features a custom crankcase, crankshaft, throttle body, starter generator, inlet manifold and integrated isolation mount. It comes with Currawong’s robust EFI system and optional low noise exhaust. The engine can be supplied with Currawong’s power supply incorporating the remote starter feature.
The Corvid-50 engine has passed a preliminary assessment against the endurance test specified in the US Federal Aviation Regulation Part 33 (FAR33).

The Corvid-50 engine is recommended for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to around 40 kg.

Part Number CE1224B / B50i (US & Canada only)
Engine Type 2-stroke Single Engine (DA-50)
Displacement 50cc
Weight 3.89kg (8.57lb) (Engine, Generator, Low Noise Exhaust, Isolation Mount, EFI & Power supply and harness)
Fuel Type PULP / 100LL* / MOGAS
Fuel Consumption 500g/kW-hr (0.82 lb/HP-hr) at cruise
Power 2.8kW / 3.8HP at 7,000 RPM
Generator 250W / 500W intermittent Duty Cycle
Ignition CDI
Cooling Air-Cooled
TBO 350 hrs
Typical MTOW 30-40kg
*This fuel may change performance numbers of the above and is dependent on the application
Included in Engine Package
  • Base DA-50 engine with modified crankcase
  • Custom induction system with manifold, isolation mount and throttle body
  • Miniature engine control unit (ECU)
  • Self priming fuel pump
  • Super atomising fuel injector
  • CDI ignition
  • Manifold and cylinder head temperature sensors
  • Generator
  • Operation and service and ICD manuals
Optional Items
  • Side Mount Exhaust
  • Low Noise Exhaust (Recommended)
  • Power Supply with Starter (Recommended)