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RCS7850-32Q Rugged Switch 32 ports of 100GB per second
RCS7850-32Q Rugged Switch

32 ports of 100GB per second

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RCS7850-32Q Rugged Switch The rugged RCS7850-32Q brings powerful network speed to edge applications that require real-time data processing.

Equipped with 32 QSFP-28 ports, this unit uses fiber optics to deliver transmission speeds of 100Gb. When needed, up to 12 of these switches can be stacked for easy management and an aggregated bandwidth of up to 9.6Tb per second.

Key Features
  • Lightweight construction from billet strain, hardened aluminum
  • Easy mounting in EIA-310 19” rack, Delrin glides, or fixed mount
  • 32-port, 19″ 1U chassis
  • Includes Layer 2+; Layer 3 capable
  • FCC and MIL-STD-461 EMC compliant
  • AC and DC power input options
  • 6.4 Tbps switching capacity
  • Operational Temperature, Method 501/502 Procedure I/II: -40°C to +50°C
  • Vibration, Method 514, Procedure I: 3 GRMS, 5-2000Hz, 60 min/axis
  • Shock, Method 516, Procedures I/V: 20g, 11msec–functional shock; 40g, 11msec crash hazard shock
  • Altitude, Method 500: 12,500ft operation, 40,000ft transport
  • Humidity, Method 507: With kit