TASE Gimbal Camera Payloads & Piccolo Autopilot Flight Controllers for Drones and UAVs

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Collins Aerospace is a leading developer of imaging and flight management solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones. Our products enable UAV operation in the toughest of environments, for a wide variety of missions including real-time ISR (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), inspection, law enforcement & security and more.

TASE Imaging Systems

TASE UAV advanced imaging payloads

Gimbal camera payloads for UAVs

TASE Imaging Systems payloads deliver full motion video with multiple sensors for real-time intelligence gathering. With over 500,000 operational hours in warfighting, first response and a variety of other missions, these SWaP-optimized payloads are ideal for the most demanding of UAV applications.

TASE250 LWIR Camera Gimbal

SWaP-optimized 2-axis EO/IR drone camera gimbal

TASE250 LWIR UAV camera gimbalThe TASE250 LWIR is a high-performance stabilized drone camera gimbal optimized for SWaP-constrained UAV platforms. The 5.5-inch system delivers best-in-class full motion video under any visibility conditions, featuring 640×480 daylight and LWIR cameras.

The TASE250 LWIR includes onboard GPS/INS, integrated inertial sensors for accurate geo-pointing, and an optional laser pointer. The integrated video processing system provides a suite of powerful features including target tracking, scene steering, electronic image stabilization, KLV metadata, and H.264 video encoding.


Diameter5.5 in (139.7 mm)
Height7.5 in (<190.5 mm)
Weight<4.4 lbs. (<1.99 kg)
Daylight Camera640×480
4x stepped digital zoom
IR CameraLWIR 640×480
2.5x stepped zoom
4x continuous digital zoom

TASE400 BLK ll Camera Gimbal

EO/MWIR 2-axis drone gimbal for advanced day/night imaging

TASE400 BLK ll Night vision drone cameraThe TASE400 BLK II is an advanced 7″ imaging system combining a continuous zoom HD daylight camera and an MWIR camera with continuous optical zoom down to 1.9° FOV. Designed to provide high-performance surveillance imagery for UAVs day and night, the payload features onboard image processing with built-in target tracking, scene steering and electronic image stabilization.

The integrated GPS/INS means that no external IMU is required for geo-pointing. The TASE400 BLK II also includes a Class IIIb narrow-beam laser illuminator.


Diameter7 in (177.8 mm)
Height10.5 in (266.7 mm)
Weight8.1 lbs (3.67 kg)
Daylight CameraHD 1280×720
29x continuous optical zoom
IR CameraMWIR 640×512
2x/4x digital zoom
15x continuous optical zoom

TASE400 DXR Drone Gimbal

Gimbal payload with extended-range daylight cameras

TASE400 DXR Drone Camera GimbalThe TASE400 DXR is a dual-camera 2-axis drone gimbal designed for high-performance, extended-range daylight surveillance. The payload includes both a 125x fixed zoom spotter camera and a 36x continuous optical zoom camera.

With onboard GPS/INS for integrated geo-pointing, and stable H.264 digital video down to 0.46 degrees, the TASE400 DXR provides unmatched daytime surveillance performance for UAVs in a 7-inch payload.


Diameter7 in (177.8 mm)
Height10.5 in (266.7 mm)
Weight8.25 lbs (3.74 kg)
Daylight Camera 131x continuous optical zoom
Daylight Camera 2121x fixed zoom

TASE500 HD Drone Gimbal

4-axis gimbal payload with full HD EO/MWIR imaging

TASE500 HD drone camera gimbalThe TASE500 HD is a 4-axis stabilized UAV imaging system providing Full 720p HD MWIR and daylight imagery with continuous optical zoom and digital zoom. With precision optics for maximum image sharpness and clarity and leading SWaP characteristics, it is ideal for the most advanced fixed-wing and rotary drone surveillance applications.

Video output can be displayed on a tablet or other touchscreen device for added operational flexibility, with picture-in-picture functionality supported, and the full digital imaging allows advanced post-processing with no compression artefacts.


Diameter10.25 in (260.35 mm)
Height14.75 in (374.65 mm)
Weight33 lbs (15 kg)
Daylight CameraHD 1280×720
18x continuous optical zoom
4x continuous digital zoom
IR CameraHD MWIR 1280×720
5.6x continuous optical zoom
4x continuous digital zoom

Piccolo UAV Autopilots/Flight Controllers

Piccolo Flight Management Systems are the industry standard for UAV flight control systems, providing a complete high-performance solution with autopilot, navigation, flight management, and ground control.

TASE Imaging Drone Gimbals

Piccolo Elite Flight Control System

Integrated avionics solution for advanced UAV autopilot applications

Piccolo Elite UAV flight control system