Pan Tilt Units, Turrets and Pedestals for Drones, UAS, UGVs and Marine Vessel Payloads

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Capture Systems is a leading manufacturer of advanced modular multi-axial pan tilt units. Our robust, precise positioning systems are designed to carry a range of payloads and can be integrated onto almost any platform, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including: defense, homeland security, critical commercial and industrial site protection, and SATCOM.

The units can be also assembled on UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and USVs (unmanned surface vessels), as well as anti-drone capabilities.

Pan Tilt Units, Pedestals & Payload Turrets

Caracal – Compact Pan Tilt Units

L – Shape pedestal for antenna & camera payloads

Caracal Compact Pan Tilt UnitsThe Caracal is a compact and lightweight pan tilt unit designed to be easily carried by a single person. The system can support payloads weighing up to 40kg, providing precise, smooth motion at any speed. The integrated slipring allows for continuous 360-degree rotation on the yaw axis, and stabilization sensors ensure high accuracy tracking and positioning. A unique self-locking function guarantees that system position is saved even in the event of a power failure.

The Caracal is available in three performance variants – Standard, High-Performance and Superior. The Superior version has been specially adapted for use on aerial platforms such as UAVs and drones, and Standard and High-Performance are ideal for maritime platforms such as unmanned patrol boats and USVs.

Caracal High Performance Pan Tilt Turret


  • Size: 345x143x371 mm
  • Payload Mass (Standard/High Performance/Superior): 40/25/15 kg
  • Yaw Movement: 360˚ continuous (with slipring) or up to 345˚ (without slipring)
  • Pitch Movement: up to 360˚
  • Position Accuracy (Standard/High Performance/Superior): ±0.1˚/±0.01˚/±0.01˚

Lynx – Portable Pan Tilt Units

L–Shape stabilized turret for antenna & camera payloads

Lynx Pan Tilt Payload TurretThe Lynx pan-tilt turret is compact, lightweight and features a high output torque to weight ratio, making it highly robust as well as portable and convenient. The system can support payloads weighing up to 40kg, and a unique self-locking function guarantees that system position is maintained even in the event of a power failure.

The Lynx is available in two performance variants – Standard and High-Performance – and is ideal for unmanned observation platforms such as aerostats and drones.


  • Size: 345x143x311 mm
  • Payload Mass (Standard/High Performance): 40/25 kg
  • Yaw Movement: 360˚ continuous (with slipring) or up to 345˚ (without slipring)
  • Pitch Movement: up to 360˚
  • Position Accuracy (Standard/High Performance): ±0.1˚/±0.01˚

Lynx Portable Pan Tilt Units

Leopard – Multi-Payload Pan Tilt Unit

3-in-1 stabilized pedestal for cameras, SATCOM and antennas

Leopard Multi-Payload Pan Tilt UnitThe Leopard is a state-of-the-art lightweight pan-tilt unit that extends the operation of the Caracal to allow 3-in-1 functionality, allowing daytime and nighttime video cameras as well as communications equipment such as satellite dishes or antennas.

The Leopard can be equipped with an optional RF connection, allowing continuous movement with low losses and minimal variation in performance.


  • Size: 470x228x464 mm
  • Payload Mass (Yaw/Pitch/Static): 40/40/100 kg
  • Yaw Movement: 345˚
  • Pitch Movement: up to 360˚
  • Position Accuracy: ±0.05˚

Leopard Multi-Payload Pan Tilt Turret

Multi-Payload Pan Tilt Pedestal - Leopard

Cheetah – Single-Axis Positioning Units

Portable pedestal for antennas, radars and anti-drone systems

Cheetah - Radar-Positioning-Unit

The Cheetah family of single-axis positioning systems is designed to provide precise control of antenna payloads and radar equipment, and is also ideal for counter-UAS equipment.

Both the Cheetah-100 and Cheetah-350 are portable units with compact and ergonomic designs. With 360-degree pan movement, they provide precise, smooth motion for accurate positioning.


Cheetah 100 Single-Axis Payload Positioning Unit
ModelCheetah – 350Cheetah – 100
Size350×224 mm139×139 mm
Payload Mass100kg4kg
Yaw Movement360˚ continuous360˚ continuous
Position Accuracy±0.1˚±1˚

Tiger – Rugged Pan Tilt Unit

Heavy-duty turret for payloads up to 150kg

Tiger Rugged Pan Tilt UnitThe Tiger is a rugged U-Shaped pan tilt pedestal designed to withstand harsh and extreme environmental and weather conditions. This heavy-duty unit supports camera payloads of up to 150kg and is ideal for real-time long-range observation stations, providing up to 360˚ tilt movement. GPS trackers and stabilization are optionally available.


  • Size: 1222x1000x1500 mm (height subject to change)
  • Payload Mass: 150 kg
  • Yaw Movement: 360˚ continuous
  • Pitch Movement: 360˚ continuous
  • Position Accuracy: ±0.001˚

Tiger Camera Payload Turret

Serval – Compact Pan Tilt Camera Unit

T-Shape pedestal for camera payloads

The Serval is a compact, lightweight pan tilt system designed to position camera payloads for situational awareness and observation applications, such as border security, counter-UAS and critical infrastructure protection.

State-of-the-art built-in control electronics and algorithms provide precise, smooth motion at all speeds, while an integrated slipring allows continuous rotation of the pan axis. The integrated IMU ensures stabilization accuracy of ±1˚.


  • Size: 253 x 136 x 167 mm
  • Yaw Movement: 360˚ continuous
  • Pitch Movement: up to ±90o
  • Position Accuracy: ±0.1

Counter-UAS Detection & Tracking

Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector (ATID)

Counter-UAS detection and tracking system

Anti-Drone Detection and TrackingThe Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector (ATID) is a real-time detection and tracking system designed to protect against rogue UAVs, drones and other threats.

Based around our Caracal turret system, the ATID uses day and thermal cameras to provide real-time optical threat detection and tracking. The system can be fitted with a GPS to enhance directional pinpointing of targets, as well as optional jamming technology and weapons payloads.

It is ideal for providing counter-drone capabilities at airports, prisons, military installations and critical infrastructure.


  • Real-time image processing detects unwanted threats immediately
  • Detects up to five threats simultaneously
  • Tracks drones moving at up to 65 km/h (within 1 km distance)

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Pan Tilt Units, Turrets and Pedestals for Drones, UAS, UGVs and Marine Vessel Payloads
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