Fixed-Wing UAS, Tactical Drones for Long-Range SAR, C4ISR and Surveying Applications

Fixed-Wing UAS, Tactical Drones for Long-Range SAR, C4ISR and Surveying Applications
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C-Astral Aerospace is a leading developer of fixed-wing UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for tactical, long-range and high-precision data gathering applications.

Manufactured from advanced aerospace-certified materials, our durable platforms provide excellent flight stability, wind resistance and silent operation.

Fixed Wing UAS for ISR

With flight endurances of up to three hours and datalink range of up to 40 kilometers LOS, our tactical drone solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and productivity for a wide range of missions, including battlefield reconnaissance, force protection, first response, large-scale mapping in high precision, forest management, precision agriculture, change detection, utility inspection and more.

Our fully autonomous fixed-wing drone platforms are controlled via our intuitive, easy to use C3P (command, control, communications and planning) software. Users can plan and execute flight missions, control flight parameters and sensors in real time, and collect and aggregate geospatial data all through one convenient interface. The software features modular support for any new sensors and systems.

Our expert team can provide global support with rapid response times, and can assist with your queries and help you find the right fixed wing UAS for your requirements.

C-Astral Fixed Wing UAS


Fixed-wing UAS for real-time ISR

BRAMOR C4EYE – UAS for real-time C4ISR

The BRAMOR C4EYE UAS is a state-of-the-art C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) fixed wing solution designed to provide real-time situational awareness for critical missions.

military surveillance drone

Endurance Drone Capabilities

Featuring a flight endurance of up to 3 hours, a range of up to 180 km and a standard line-of-sight (LOS) datalink range of up to 40km, the BRAMOR C4EYE provides unparalleled efficiency for large-scale, long-range government and private company operations where real-time situational awareness is paramount.

Fixed Wing UAV for real-time C4ISR

The aerodynamic blended-wing modular airframe design, constructed from advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran), provides a high level of durability and wind resistance and is very hard to detect with conventional radars.

surveillance drone launch

Rugged ground control station (GCS)The system includes the drone with sensor payload, a foldable takeoff catapult and a rugged ground control station (GCS), all fitting neatly into a MILSPEC, rain-resistant backpack.

Designed for fast deployment, the BRAMOR C4EYE can be made flight-ready in less than five minutes, and is intended to be operated by a two-person crew, with safe single-operator command possible if necessary.

Sensor Options

Long Range UAV Payload Options

The BRAMOR C4EYE UAS can be equipped with several different payloads that can be easily interchangeable in less than 2 min, with the EYE-X HD2 as standard. View all sensor options >

EYE-X HD2 and HD4 EO/IR Gimbals

The EYE-X HD2 and HD4 stabilized gimbals provide long-range visible imagery as well as powerful thermal observation capabilities, with an optional laser illuminator. They are ideal for tactical drone applications, and are capable of detecting, tracking, following and geo-locating targets and objects during the day and at night. High resolution video contains embedded KLV metadata for advanced analytics and geolocation purposes.

EYE-X HD4 drone gimbal sensor
EYE-X HD2 Drone Camera Gimbal EYE-X HD4 drone camera gimbal
Mounting Nose Nose
EO Resolution 1280 x 720 1280 x 720
EO Zoom 20x + 2x digital (total 40x) continuous 20x + 2x digital (total 40x) continuous
EO HFOV 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV
IR Resolution 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle) 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle)
IR Zoom 4x digital 4x digital
IR HFOV 32° W.FOV – 8° DFOV 18° W.FOV – 4.5° D.FOV

NSX Search & Rescue Payload

nsx-drone-search-rescue-payloadThe NSX SAR payload has been designed to quickly and accurately locate mobile phones within areas of up to 40 km2 in a single flight, with a search path of up to 2km wide. The sensor delivers latitude and longitude data which can be displayed on an embedded mapping system or accessed via a web browser interface.

Designed to meet extreme environmental conditions encountered during search and rescue UAV operations, the NSX is resistant to vibration, EMI, extremes of temperature, moisture and salt spray, and meets DO-160-G and MIL-STD-810G specifications. It is currently being fielded on the Norwegian AW101 All-Weather SAR helicopter.

BRAMOR C4EYE Specifications

Length 96 cm
Wingspan 230 cm
Takeoff Weight 4.5 kg
Flight Speed 16 m/s cruise, 22 m/s max
Flight Range 180 km
Endurance 3 hours
Service Ceiling 5000m ASL

More information: BRAMOR C4EYE UAS


Surveying UAV with PPK GNSS

Bramor ppX Drone

The BRAMOR ppX is specifically engineered to provide rapid, sub-centimetre accurate geolocated orthomosaics in high resolution for surveying and remote sensing applications, without the need for a grid of ground control points. Featuring advanced GNSS PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) capabilities, the system incorporates a state-of-the-art survey grade multi-constellation, multi-frequency receiver.

Survey-grade UAS

The unmanned aerial system’s aerodynamic design and rugged composite material construction allow it to fly in winds of up to 45 km/h or 12 m/s and operate in challenging remote environments.


With a flight endurance of up to 3 hours, the BRAMOR ppX delivers superior high-productivity autonomous data gathering for mapping and surveying.

The UAS package is comprised of the fixed wing UAV, a portable and ergonomic rugged ground control station, a catapult launcher and one or more payload options (24.2 MP RGB sensor as standard).

Possible sensor integrations include:

RGB Drone Sensors

RBG Sensors
For survey grade mapping, aerial photogrammetry and dense point cloud data acquisition for digital terrain models, digital surface models, and volume and stockpile calculations.

Drone Multispectral Sensor

Multispectral Sensors
Capturing thermal and multispectral high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics, vegetation mapping and precision agriculture.

dual-thermal visual drone camera

Dual Thermal & Visual Cameras
Lightweight dual thermal and visual cameras, which capture fully aligned digital radiometric thermal data and digital visual data.

gHY Hyperspectral Sensor
Collects 2D VNIR information for advanced agriculture, forestry and water research, with a single exposure and enables mosaicking with photogrammetric software.

drone methane gas detector

GasFinder Gas Sensor
Provides high-resolution laser absorption spectroscopy for detection of methane and other gases, useful in pipeline inspection and environmental monitoring.

BRAMOR ppX Specifications

Length 96 cm
Wingspan 230 cm
Takeoff Weight 4.5 kg
Flight Speed 16 m/s cruise, 22 m/s max
Flight Range 150 km
Endurance 3 hours
Service Ceiling 5000m ASL

More information: BRAMOR ppX Survey Grade UAS


Advanced Tactical UAS for first responders and special operation forces

ATLAS c4EYE – tactical sUAS
Atlas C4EYE Fixed-Wing Tactical UAS

The ATLAS C4EYE is a lightweight fixed-wing drone designed to meet the agility and versatility needs of first responders and special operation forces. With a flight time of 90 minutes and combined EO/IR payload, the ATLAS is ideal for providing rapid situational awareness, day or night. The system can be safely operated by a single person.


Tactical UAS Launch & Recovery

The bungee-launched compact system can be safely operated by a single person and is accurately and silently recovered via parachute, with full payload protection. The system can also be launched using a hand held bungee gun (Optionally).

drone bungee launch

The aerodynamic blended-wing design, featuring advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran), minimises takeoff weight while maximising stealth and survivability. Ideal for tactical surveillance, the ATLAS C4EYE features quiet operation at 80 metres above ground level.

ATLAS’ modular construction allows fast repairs and payload swapping in the field, and the scalable system architecture can incorporate future sensor developments. The system, including the tactical drone, payload and rugged ground control station, can fit into a MIL-SPEC rain-resistant case or backpack, and can be deployed in less than three minutes.

Modular UAS for first responders

Payload Options

eye-x eo-ir hd1 drone gimbal EYE-X HD2 EO-IR Drone Gimbal
Mounting Belly Belly
EO Resolution 1280 x 720 1280 x 720
EO Zoom x6.6 + x2 digital (total 13.2x) continuous 20x + 2x digital (total 40x) continuous
EO HFOV 38.8° WFOV – 5.9° NFOV – 2.9° DFOV 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV
IR Resolution 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle) 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle)
IR Zoom 4x digital 4x digital
IR HFOV 32° W.FOV – 8° DFOV 32° W.FOV – 8° DFOV

ATLAS C4EYE Specifications

Length 75 cm
Wingspan 155 cm
Takeoff Weight 2.7 kg
Flight Speed 16 m/s cruise, 22 m/s max
Flight Range 90 km
Endurance 1.5 hours
Service Ceiling 5000m ASL

More information: ATLAS C4EYE UAS

C-Astral Fixed Wing UAS Applications

Military & Fixed Wing ISR

Our long-range UAVs, with stealthy and quiet operation, are ideal for battlefield ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions, providing ground forces, special operations and commanders with real-time situational intelligence for critical decision-making. Equipped with sophisticated EO/IR payloads for day and night operation, C-Astral tactical AS are also ideal for force protection, security and coastal and border patrol.


First Responder Drones

When time is of the essence, our rapidly-deployable unmanned aerial systems provide a crucial aerial perspective for law enforcement, firefighters, medical personnel and search and rescue teams. Our long-endurance UAVs can cover vast areas in short amounts of time while keeping operators out of harm’s way.


Large Scale High Resolution Surveying UAVs

Capable of up to three hours in a single flight, our mapping and surveying drone solutions cover vast areas, providing superior efficiency and productivity for geospatial and aerial surveying professionals. Our high-precision data acquisition systems deliver down to 1cm GSD image resolution and 1cm absolute positioning accuracy.


Utilities & Infrastructure Drone Inspection

Our long-endurance, long range UAVs, equipped with a variety of specialist payloads, can inspect a large amount of assets in a single flight. We can provide increased efficiency and substantial time and cost savings for monitoring and inspection of power lines, pipelines, highways, railway tracks and more.

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