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Heavy-Lift Multirotor Drone for Professional Mapping & Surveying

BFD Systems
Heavy-Lift Multirotor Drone for Professional Mapping & Surveying
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Professional Heavy-Lift Multirotor DronesBFD Systems is a leading developer and integrator of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and drone technologies.

We tailor bespoke UAV solutions for professional, commercial and industrial customers that go beyond COTS offerings and seamlessly integrate with your sensors, computing systems and software.

We specialize in large industrial multirotors for heavy-lift payloads and long-endurance flights, incorporating a variety of state-of-the-art technologies including batteries, hybrid gas-electric propulsion, hydrogen fuel cells, and tethered UAV solutions. In addition, we also offer training, maintenance, repairs, consulting, and contracting services.

Our team of experienced engineers can work with you to create a unique, bespoke solution that meets your every need. We have designed unique drone platforms for emergency response, telecoms, mapping and surveying, and a wide variety of other applications.

SE-8 Heavy-Lift Multirotor Drone

Long-endurance drone for mapping and surveying missions

Heavy-lift quadcopter drone

Multirotor drone for SurveyingThe SE-8 is our flagship multirotor drone, featuring an excellent power to weight ratio that makes it ideal for heavy-lift, long-endurance mapping, surveying and scanning missions.

With a payload capacity of 12 kg (27 lbs), the platform allows you to load flexible combinations of sensors and batteries, allowing you to fine-tune your flight times for any application.

The SE-8’s unique propulsion system has been developed and refined especially for the platform, providing maximum efficiency and power and featuring custom wiring, curved magnets and centrifugal air cooling. Our Field Oriented Control Electronic Speed Controllers (FOC ESCs) provide quieter, cooler operation and rapid response.

Heavy-lift multirotor dronesThe coaxial motor configuration, incorporating eight powerful yet compact motors and providing improved performance in strong winds, is an ideal trade-off between efficiency and redundancy.

Environmentally-sealed motor mounts protect the critical systems from sand, dirt and water, ensuring high reliability even in extreme conditions.

The SE-8 multirotor platform is compatible with a variety of drone flight controllers and autopilots, including Cube, MicroPilot and ARA, as well as telemetry modems and remote computers.

Heavy payload multirotor drones

A completely customizable I/O interface between the payload and UAV flight computer provides options for multiple isolated voltage outputs, serial, CANbus, USB and more.

Payloads can be mounted on either the top or bottom of the drone for maximum configuration flexibility.

A BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) variant of the SE-8 drone is available upon request.

Image shows optional payload GPS mount.

SE-8 Specifications:

Diameter, motor-to-motor (not including propellers) 1328 mm
Maximum takeoff weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
Standard Empty Weight 7.6 kg
Maximum useful load (payload and batteries) 17.4 kg (38.26 lbs)
Maximum payload weight 11.7 kg (25 lbs)
Average Hover Power 3,500 W
Nominal battery voltage 12 S / 44.4 V
Quadcopter Drone Remote Control
SE8 Quadcopter drone travel case

Payload Options

Our multirotor drones are ideal for a wide range of missions and are designed as a platform that can be adapted and built based on individual requirements. Here’s a small sample of popular payloads that can be integrated on to the SE-8 Multirotor aircraft.

Gremsy T3 drone camera payload
Gremsy T3V3 with Sony A7R
Gremsy S1v3 drone camera payload
Gremsy S1v3 with Wiris Pro
A7R IV drone camera payload
A7R IV with Full Spectrum Conversion
Riegal Vux-1 UAV imaging payload
Riegal Vux-1 UAV
Communication Tower drone payload
Communication "Tower"
VLF-EM SYSTEM- Resistivity Mapping payload
VLF-EM SYSTEM: Resistivity Mapping
AirBIRD Magnetometer drone payload
AirBIRD Magnetometer
Hyspex Hyperspectral Drone Camera
Hyspex Hyperspectral Camera
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