Heavy Payload VTOL Drone for Delivery, Search and Rescue, Firefighting & Agricultural Applications

Heavy Payload VTOL Drone for Delivery, Search and Rescue, Firefighting & Agricultural Applications
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AURA is an innovative developer of integrated UAS (unmanned aerial systems) solutions designed to safely transport and deliver heavy freight and advanced payloads over long distances to remote locations.

Our highly versatile UAV platforms have been adopted by companies and institutions around the world for a wide variety of applications, such as precision agriculture and drone deliveries.

Geological survey drone

We possess extensive experience in UAV design and engineering analysis, with a special emphasis on unmanned flight control systems.

Our-in house production facility allows us to maintain the highest manufacturing quality standards for mechanical components and assemblies, and deliver with rapid turnaround times.

Our drone platforms have undergone over 2,000 hours of flight tests, as well as in-house vibration and environmental testing to ensure peak performance in harsh environments.

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AURA-100 Long-Range UAV

Heavy payload drone with over 100 kg lifting capacity

AURA100 heavy payload drone

The AURA-100 UAV is a highly versatile universal drone platform that can be modified to meet your exact application requirements. With a lift capacity of 120 kg, the internal combustion engine-powered unmanned aircraft can be equipped for any mission, and the sizes of the fuel tank and payload bay can be customized to achieve the optimal tradeoff for your unique needs.

MTOW: 315 kg

Endurance: up to 6 hrs

Max speed: 150 km

AURA100 Geophysics survey drone
AURA100 Agricultural UAV
Transportation delivery drone
AURA100 Rescuer - Search and Rescue UAV
AURA100 drone for pipeline monitoring

Reliable autonomous operation in challenging environments

The AURA-100 UAV’s VTOL configuration allows the aircraft to be launched quickly and easily with a minimal footprint, with no need for helipads or runways. It can be operated even in rain or snow, and can take off or land during wind speeds of up to 25 m/s.

The platform features automated takeoff and landing capabilities that can be enhanced with optional advanced machine vision technologies.

The AURA-100 can be operated in one of three modes:

Automatic operating mode – define fixed waypoints and command the UAV to automatically follow its predefined flight path, with set tasks such as cargo delivery at specific points

Managed mode – the UAV pilot can control aircraft movement during the mission to targeted waypoints, via a ground control station with mouse and keyboard

Semi-automatic control mode – used in flight test programs and for specific mission requirements, this mode allows the UAV to be controlled by a pilot via remote radio control.

AURA UAV benefits

Advanced flight safety and communications features

The AURA-100 is equipped with a variety of features to ensure the utmost safety and reliability during all operations. Obstacle detection and crash avoidance is provided by a combination of LiDAR sensor and barometric pressure altimeter to ensure safe minimum altitude, as well as precise GNSS positioning.

AURA UAV ground controlIn the unlikely event of engine failure, the UAV will retain control and conduct an emergency landing in a safe zone, utilising the autorotation mode of the main propeller.

If the UAV loses connection with the GCS, it can be preprogrammed to either continue the mission or return to the take-off point.

The AURA-100 can be optionally equipped with cellular or satellite modems, providing long-range command and control and enabling BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) applications.


Rotor Diameter 4.5 m
Aircraft Height 2 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 315 kg
Maximum Payload 120 kg
Endurance Up to 6 hrs
Maximum Speed 150 km/h
Flight Ceiling 3000 m
Primary Datalink Range Up to 100 km

More information: AURA-100 Long-Range UAV


drone shipping and logisticsDrone Deliveries

With its large payload capacity and long range, the AURA-100 is an ideal drone delivery system for transportation of goods and vital supplies such as last-mile delivery packages, medical samples and equipment, and food.

Firefighting droneAerial Firefighting

The AURA-100 can be equipped with specialised payloads such as water cannons, compressed air foam and hydrofoam jets to fight fires in a variety of locations from the ground to high-rise buildings.

AURA UAV drone search and rescueSearch & Rescue

When time is of the essence, the AURA-100 can conduct search and rescue missions in remote and challenging environments, and can carry equipment such as mobile phone tracking and vehicle number plate recognition sensors, as well as delivery mechanisms for emergency inflatables, survival kits and other vital supplies.

UAV security surveillanceAirborne Security

With its long flight endurance and versatile VTOL operation, the AURA-100 is ideal for perimeter patrol, site monitoring and other security applications.

drone inspectionsInspections & Surveying

The AURA-100 provides rapid, efficient unmanned surveying and inspection capabilities for a wide variety of industrial applications, including pipeline leakage detection, monitoring of infrastructure conditions, and oil & gas and geophysical survey and exploration.

drone precision agriculturePrecision Agriculture

The versatile AURA-100 agricultural UAV, with its ability to carry large payloads and cover vast areas in a single flight, is ideal for performing a variety of tasks that significantly improve efficiency and yield for farmers. These include high-precision application of fertilisers and pesticides, seed planting, crop health monitoring and more.

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