Double Rotor Unmanned Helicopter for Long Endurance Operations

Double Rotor Unmanned Helicopter for Long Endurance Operations
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Anavia is a specialist developer and manufacturer of advanced VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Drawing on decades of experience in the aerospace and motorsport sectors, we aim to set a new standard for unmanned flight, providing complete UAV solutions with a focus on safety, performance, ease of operation and modularity.

Unmanned Helictopter

HT-100 Long-Range Unmanned Helicopter

Endurance UAV for transport & logistics, reconnaissance, search & rescue

unmanned helicopter for Maritime Operations

The HT-100 is a high-performance long-range VTOL unmanned helicopter constructed using lightweight carbon fibre and with an innovative double rotor Flettner system.

Up to 240 mins



65 kg



15 mins


Ready to Fly

These unique features combine to deliver a responsive, versatile and stable UAV, capable of exceptional flight times of up to 240 minutes and the ability to carry up to 65 kilos of payload.

Flettner double rotor system enables high payloads and flight stability
Flettner double rotor system enables high payloads and flight stability

Video: The Flettner Rotor System is one of the smoothest and most reliable rotor systems for helicopters

Featuring both remote control and easily programmed autonomous flight, the platform is simple to set up and fly, and can be operated from an extremely small footprint under almost any conditions.

Video: Uncompromising performance and safety attributes. Can be used around the clock in any terrain and even adverse weather conditions

The high payload capacity and long flight time, make the HT-100 unmanned helicopter an ideal choice for tactical reconnaissance missions, search & rescue operations, and long-range cargo, transport and logistics deliveries.

Rapid deployment and intuitive operation

Autonomous unmanned helicopterThe complete unmanned aerial system includes a user-friendly ground control station (GCS) with intuitive software, allowing pilots to quickly get to grips with aircraft operation and get airborne as safely and rapidly as possible – in as little as 15 minutes.

Uncompromising safety-first design

The HT-100 unmanned helicopter has been designed with safety foremost in mind and features redundant actuators as well as an electric backup motor. The aircraft is programmed to enter an autorotation mode when the RPM drops below a certain level, allowing for controlled descent and landing in the event of any technical issues.

HT-100 Long-Range tactical uavThe aircraft also features a FLARM collision avoidance transponder, providing enhanced airspace visibility and minimising the risk of collision with other aircraft. The arrangement of lights on the aircraft’s body allows it to be visible at significant distances.

With integrated proven low-vibration technology, the aircraft is capable of long service life. All maintenance cycles up to 1,000 hours can be completed at the customer’s location, while maintenance cycles up to 500 hours can be completed by the customer themselves. Monitoring sensors within the UAV report problems proactively and prevent follow-up costs.

Long-Range Unmanned Helicopter


Aircraft Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.65 x 0.56 x 0.89 m (78.7 x 22.0 x 35.0”)
Rotor Diameter 2 x 3.36 m (2 x 132.3”)
Maximum Flight Time 240 mins
Maximum Range 400 km (216 nm)
Maximum Airspeed 120 km/h (65 kt)
Flight Ceiling 10,000 ft MSL
Maximum Payload (including fuel) 65 kg (143 lbs)
MTOW 120 kg (264 lbs)
HT-100 Long-Range Unmanned Helicopter
HT-100 Long-Range autonomous helicopter

Flexible payload and equipment options

HT-100 UAV

The HT-100 UAV is capable of being equipped with a variety of sensors and payloads to meet a wide range of demanding mission requirements.

We can help you implement specific runner systems and payload connections for your unique needs, and can also customize the aircraft’s external appearance to suit your branding or required colour schemes.

We can also provide customers with optional extra equipment, including:

  • Skids in three standard heights, and customized landing gear with optional sensors
  • Antennas, tripods and radio headsets for secure communication and data transmission
  • Generator to ensure sufficient power for long-duration missions
  • 100-litre fuel supply vehicle
  • Specialized maintenance and servicing toolkits
  • Ruggedized transport cases for safe transport even under extreme conditions

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Services & Training

unmanned helicopter Operation and maintenance

We are not just an equipment provider – we offer a wide range of UAV services and training options to help you get the most from the HT-100 and keep it running, including:

Technical support – we are available at all times via a dedicated technical support hotline

Maintenance and safety checks – we can handle all checks within two days across Europe, and within four days worldwide

Spare parts – we operate a comprehensive in-house stock of spare parts with rapid delivery

Flight School – we provide comprehensive theoretical and practical training for pilots, either at our premises or yours

Maintenance and servicing training – covering self-maintenance, technical aircraft knowledge, and pre- and post-flight checks


unmanned helicopter for mapping & surveyingMapping & Surveying
The versatile HT-100 can be equipped with a wide range of payloads for mapping and surveying, including LiDAR scanners, visible and thermal cameras, and multispectral sensors.

unmanned helicopter for surveillanceSurveillance
Featuring exceptional flight duration, the HT-100 is an ideal platform for tactical, surveillance and security applications, with the ability to patrol large areas and provide critical real-time situational awareness.

unmanned helicopter for Maritime OperationsMaritime Operations
The HT-100 is built to withstand the rigours and harsh weather of marine and maritime environments, and is ideal for missions such as naval reconnaissance and shore-to-ship delivery.

unmanned helicopter Logistics and Cargo DeliveryLogistics and Cargo Delivery
With a substantial payload capacity as well as long-range operation, the HT-100 UAV can transport a wide range of cargo, in all weather conditions at any time of day or night.

unmanned helicopter for Search & RescueSearch & Rescue
The HT-100 can operate in any terrain under weather conditions that pose issues even for manned helicopters, making it indispensable for time-critical emergencies such as finding missing persons or post-disaster management.

unmanned helicopter for agriculturePrecision Agriculture
The ability to carry heavy payloads and a wide range of sensors make the HT-100 ideal for large-scale agricultural operations, allowing farmers to enhance productivity, gain critical insights and increase yields.

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