Multi-Rotor UAVs for Security and Surveillance Operations

Airborne Drones
Airborne Drones

Extend the range and reach of your security operations with Airborne Drones’ specialized multi-rotor UAVs.

Our silent, high endurance multi-rotor UAVs provide long range and reach and are low cost, making them the preferred choice for customers around the globe.

Vanguard Multi-Rotor UAV

In addition to our UAV platforms, we also provide sophisticated integration platforms (Gimbals) to carry high-end sensors, such as methane detection and Lidar.

The ability to carry powerful dual/multi-sensor payloads, combined with the top of the range datalink capability, makes Airborne Drones UAVs ideal for both VLOS and BVLOS missions, in a diverse range of security and search and rescue applications.

The Airborne Drones range includes:

  • The Vanguard [pictured] (70+min, Dual sensors/Lidar),
  • The Falcon (30 – 50min, multiple payloads),
  • The A3 Tactical (27 – 60min, Thermal and Optical payloads),
  • and a range of fixed wing UAVs (3 – 6hrs, up to 10kg payloads).

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