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T-79 Short-range safety radar for autonomous vehicles

Short-range safety radar for autonomous vehicles

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The T-79 is a high-resolution wideband automotive safety radar based on cutting-edge technologies and RF-CMOS IC electronics. It delivers superior safety capabilities for semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles with an ultra-low power consumption at a low unit cost.

Multiple sensors can be configured together to provide high-resolution 360° detection under all weather and lighting conditions, enabling advanced applications such as parking assistance, lane change assistance and cyclist and pedestrian detection.

The T-79 is currently pre-FCC certification and intended for evaluation purposes.


Power Consumption 4.5W
Operating Frequency 76-77 GHz
Field of View (Azimuth x Elevation) ~60° x 4°
Angular Accuracy 0.4°
Detection Range 0.5 – 80m
Range Accuracy 0.4m
Range Resolution 0.78m
Max Detection Velocity 200 km/h
Velocity Accuracy 0.13 m/s
Velocity Resolution 0.4 m/s
Update Rate 20 Hz