Aero Tec Laboratories Inc. (ATL)

ATL proudly produces flexible fuel cell bladder tanks for aircraft, drones, rotorcraft, missiles, ROV’s & UAV’s. These tough, light-weight flex-tanks resist motor gasoline, diesel, avgas and JP fuels including JP-10 and JP-TS. Other bladders are available for hydrogen, propane and alcohol fuels.

ATL’s fuel cell installations can be designed as ventless collapsing “diaphragms” or as vented non-collapsing “liners.”

Flexible bladder materials from ATL span the range from super-light .010″ (.25 mm) thickness to .040″ (1.02 mm) “crashworthy” and then to .085″ (2.16 mm) self-sealing variety.

Modern CAD systems create soft tooling or “e-templates” which enable ATL to offer prototype bladders within 2 weeks, and ramped-up production within a month.