Rugged Embedded SBCs, COM Express, VPX and VITA-75 Computers for UAS, AUVs and Robotics

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ADLINK Rugged Embedded Computing for UAVs and Robotics

Extreme Rugged SBCs for UAVsADLINK is a leading developer of embedded computing solutions designed for a broad spectrum of demanding military environments. Our computing platforms empower systems to fuse all available data into one coherent picture, bringing it from the field to the decision-makers and enabling rapid responses in critical circumstances.

Our Extreme Rugged products are conformal coated and undergo additional rigorous testing at every stage to ensure that they thrive in extremes of temperature, humidity, dust, shock and vibration, making them ideal for the harsh operating conditions of unmanned vehicles.

“Robust, Reliable and Ready”, ADLINK Extreme Rugged products

ADLINK’s Extreme Rugged SBCs and high performance Extreme Rugged sub-systems are designed and tested to comply with MIL-STD specifications including:

Extreme Rugged SBCsMIL-STD-810
GJB 150

Our embedded computing hardware solutions are versatile and adaptable, designed to meet the ideal technical readiness level (TRL), form factor, and Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) requirements defined by the target platform.

PC/104 Extreme Rugged Single Board Computers

Our PC/104 family of small form factor single board computers (SBC) features durable construction with fanless operation over temperature extremes, resistance to shock and vibration, conformal coating, embedded BIOS, and long product life.

CMx-SLx PCI/104-Express SBC

CM4-SL2 PCI 104-Express SBCThe CMx-SLx is a PCI/104-Express Type 1 Single Board Computer featuring a 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor (formerly codename: Skylake). The module can connect legacy industrial devices and other IoT systems to the cloud, extract raw data from these devices, determine which data to save locally and which to send to the cloud for further analysis.

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CoreModule 920 PCI/104-Express SBC

CoreModule 920 PCI 104-Express SBCThe CoreModule 920 is a PCI/104-Express Single Board Computer that features a third-generation Intel® Core processor. Supporting up to 4GB of DDR memory, it is equipped with one HDMI, one VGA, and one 18/24-bit LVDS display interface, as well as two SATA 6 Gb/s ports, two Gigabit Ethernet, four USB 2.0 interfaces, and two serial ports.

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CM2-BT2 PC/104-Plus SBC

CM2-BT2 PC/104-Plus SBCThe CM2-BT2 is a PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer that features a dual core Intel® Atom™ Processor System-on-Chip. With built-in SEMA Cloud functionality, it is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The module provides up to 4GB of DDR memory at 1333MHz and supports VGA and LVDS.

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CM1-BT1 PC/104 SBCCM1-BT1 PC/104 SBC

The CM1-BT1 is the PC/104 version of the CM2-BT2, available with either single or dual core Intel® Atom™ Processor System-on-Chip.

The module supports Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) functions.

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CM1-86DX3 PC/104 SBC

CM1-86DX3 PC104 SBCThe CM1-86DX3 is a PC/104 board with a DMP Vortex86-DX3 system-on-chip and 2GB of DDR3L memory. Featuring integrated graphics, audio and GBit Ethernet controllers and a variety of I/O, it comprises all peripherals needed for an embedded PC in a small form factor.

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CM1-86DX2 PC/104 SBC

CM1-86DX2 PC/104 SBCThe CM1-86DX2 is an ultra low power PC/104 board with a DMP Vortex86-DX2 system-on-chip and provides 512MB or 1GB of DDR2 memory.

The unit features two Ethernet ports (1x GBit and 1x 100MBit), four RS232/RS422/RS485 serial ports, one USB 2.0 host controller, and one USB 1.1 host controller to handle communication with external devices.

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CoreModule 430 PC/104 SBC

CoreModule 430 PC/104 SBC

The CoreModule 430 is an ultra low power PC/104 Single Board Computer based on either the Vortex86SX 300MHz or Vortex86DX 800MHz processor. It provides 4 serial ports (two with RS-422/485 capability), 2 USB ports, 8 GPIOs and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet.

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CM3-BT1 PCI-104 SBCThe CM3-BT1 is a PCI-104 Single Board Computer that can be integrated with single, dual or quad-core Intel® Atom™ or Celeron® processors. It can provide up to 4GB of DDR3L memory at 1333MHz and comes with built-in SEMA Cloud functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The unit supports VGA and LVDS.

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The CM3-BT4 features a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor System-on-Chip, with built-in SEMA Cloud functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The module offers up to 4GB of DDR3L memory at 1333MHz.

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Extreme Rugged Computer-on-Modules

Extreme Rugged Computer-on-ModulesOur COM Express computer-on-modules, available in a variety of pinouts and form factors, are ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications where data may need to be collected, stored, processed and then compressed and transmitted for further action. The plug-and-play embedded computing functionality of these modules make them ideal for use in UAS, UGVs, AUVs and other robotic applications.

Cornell University utilized ADLINK Com Express Modules for the 2015 AUVSI RoboSub Competition:

We offer modules in Types 2, 6, 7 and 10, with available sizes (depending on type) in Basic (125 x 95 mm), Compact (95 x 95 mm) and Mini (84 x 55 mm).

COM Express Module Examples:

Find out more about ADLINK’s COM Express Modules

Download the COM Express Product Catalogue

Embedded Building Blocks for IoT Edge Computing

VPX Rugged Computing Products

Our high-performance VPX multi-processor products are designed for military embedded systems in applications such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) payload computing and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), where strict size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints must be adhered to without compromising processing power.

VPX3010 3U Processor Blade

Rugged SWaP-Optimized 3U VPX for UAV/UGV platforms and ISR Missions

VPX3010 Rugged 3U Processor BladeThe server-grade VPX3010 features an Intel® Xeon Processor D-1500 SoC with up to 12 cores and optional NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M GPU. It is available in conduction and air cooled versions with conformal coating, making it ideal for mission critical unmanned systems applications.

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VPX3001 3U Processor Blade

Rugged Conduction Cooled 3U VPX for ISR, Radar and Unmanned Platforms

VPX3001 Rugged 3U Processor BladeThe VPX3001 features a quad-core 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with QM77 Express chipset. It provides up to 8GB DDR3-1066/1333 dual channel ECC memory soldered onboard.

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VPX3000 3U Processor Blade

Rugged 3U VPX for Military Storage and Data Processing

VPX3000 Rugged 3U Processor BladeThe VPX3000 is a 3U VPX processor blade, designed for military data processing and storage applications, based around a 3rd generation Intel® Core i7 processor. It features single channel DVI+VGA graphics, 1x USB3 and 1x USB2 ports, and 2x 6Gb/s and 1x 3Gb/s SATA interfaces.

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VPX6000 6U Processor Blade

Rugged 6U VPX for Military and Aerospace Platforms

The VPX6000 features dual quad-core 4th Generation Intel® Core i7 processors in a durable, conduction cooled VITA 48 form factor. Each CPU subsystem has up to 16GB DDR3-1600 onboard dual channel memory and a 32GB SLC SATA solid state drive.
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VPX3G10 3U GPGPU Blade

Rugged High-Performance Blade for UAV/UGV Platforms, Radar and Sonar

The VPX3G10 is a 3U VPX general-purpose computing on graphics processing unit (GPGPU) blade that incorporates a CUDA-enabled 384-core NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M GPU with NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture. With 2GB of GDDR5 memory, the VPX3G10 provides high-capacity and high-bandwidth access to data during massively parallel GPGPU algorithm processing.
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XMC-G745 XMC Module

Rugged XMC Module for Defense and Unmanned Platforms

XMC-G745 XMC ModuleThe XMC-G745 is an XMC module equipped with a 384-core NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M GPU. It is a high-resolution, high-performance platform that is ideal for unmanned systems applications that require parallel computation and graphics processing.
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Download the Catalogue for Rugged Platforms

Extreme Performance for Mission Computing Requirements

VITA-75 Sealed Extreme Rugged Computing Products

The HPERC series of COTS computing platforms features fast IO and 3rd generation Intel® Core i7 CPU and optional GPGPU parallel processing, all in a tiny VITA-75 footprint with MIL-STD-38999 connectors. The construction of the HPERC series incorporates a highly efficient thermal transfer design that maintains high performance in the space constrained environments of unmanned systems.

Applications for the HPERC series include unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that undertake image processing for mission-critical tasks such as IED detection and disposal.


Rugged Finned-Convection System with 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

HPERC-IBR-MH VITA-75 Rugged ComputerThe HPERC-IBR-MH is a rugged embedded system based around an Intel® Core i7 dual or quad core processor. Easily configured and expanded to meet the needs of your custom embedded applications, the HPERC-IBR-MH features a finned convection system for efficient passive cooling and a VITA 75.21 mount.

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Extreme Rugged Coldplate Mount System with 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

HPERC-IBR-MC VITA-75 Rugged ComputerThe HPERC-IBR-MC is the Extreme Rugged version of the HPERC-IBR-MH. It can withstand temperatures of -40°C to +85°C and features a VITA 75 coldplate mounting.

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Rugged Finned-Convection System with 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

HPERC-IBR-HH VITA-75 Rugged ComputerThe HPERC-IBR-HH features extra I/O capabilities, including HDMI graphics output, USB3 ports, and high speed eSATA interfaces. It can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +75°C.

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Extreme Rugged Coldplate Mount System with 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

HPERC-IBR-HC VITA-75 Rugged ComputerThe HPERC-IBR-HC is an Extreme Rugged version of the HPERC-IBR-HH, featuring VITA 75.22 coldplate mounting and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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