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RentaUAV Long-term rental of UAVs

Long-term rental of UAVs

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RentaUAV What is it all about ?

You have already been collecting data using drones. You experienced that they do a good job and now you want to step your game up. You want to do the same things you have been doing but :

Thats where we come in.

The rental system provides you with the simple solution to be able to use the systems you want for a period of time without being concerned about anything but your job.

We have defined a system that will provide you with everything you need : all equipment, spares, training, insurance and maintenance during your rental so that you can focus on the task at hand.

The system starts with you defining the ConOps and aerial data requirements. You will choose your payloads, rental duration -1 to 36 months- and package. Our team will use this information to define and provide you with a plan. Your payloads will be integrated to the system, your team will be trained, your systems and spares prepared and delivered to you.

Once you confirm that the system is performing as advertised and agreed upon and you are ready to start flying, the rental period starts and you will only need to pay your monthly rent.

Package Contents How did we decide what a “System” should consist of ?

The rentaUAV team has a very long track record of developing and testing UAVs on the field. The rental system is defined analysing all feedback from customers and users as well as our own flight teams from the field. All system components and operational procedures are designed to reflect our experience of what it would require to operate on a remote location with minimal access. To provide for a smooth and uninterrupted use, the system implements a self-sufficient model where everything is backed up and the team has the training and experience to replace critical components on their own on the field or at their base of operations.