An Initiative to Drive Uncrewed Systems Capabilities Forward through SME Engagement

Together, UST and BAE Systems are redefining and disrupting the way defence Primes interact with SMEs, to accelerate development and extend capabilities of small uncrewed systems.

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence and Unmanned Systems Technology are working together to drive uncrewed systems capabilities forward. 

We’re breaking down the barriers that traditionally exist for SMEs in working with large defence Primes, to increase SME-to-Prime interaction and new technology discoverability.

Our partnership aims to extend the capabilities of small uncrewed land, marine and air vehicles via close industry collaboration.

The UST platform is a fantastic resource for industry and there’s a natural synergy with BAE Systems as we look to the future of uncrewed and autonomous systems. UST holds an incredible ecosystem of innovators and we’re excited to support and work closely with that community.

Jonathan Gilchrist, BAE Systems

UST supplier partners have direct access to the team responsible for developing and integrating small uncrewed systems at BAE Systems.

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Building SME Relationships for Best-in-Class Uncrewed Systems

BAE Systems is committed to supporting and strengthening relationships with the UST supplier network through direct collaboration and engagement. Work with us to develop the most technologically advanced, best-in-class uncrewed systems.

Championing SMEs

We take proactive steps to connect with SMEs, Academia and other organisations, which enables us to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers.

Digital Advantage

Data security in uncrewed systems is critical, which is why we use our expertise to seek a digital advantage for our customers wherever possible.

Investing in Expertise

Our team combines industry-leading engineering experts and ex-military users, for a unique perspective of the uncrewed systems domain.

Global SME Collaboration

We are uniquely placed to collaborate on a global scale with technology SMEs, to ensure the best and most technologically capable solutions are developed

Upcoming & On Demand Webinars

On Demand
Roundtable: Public sector and private sector – together for better cyber security BAE Systems November 30, 2021 - Available On Demand
On Demand
Responsible Cyber Power BAE Systems April 29, 2021 - Available On Demand
On Demand
Lawful Interception – Adapting to the Changing Networks BAE Systems July 1, 2020 - Available On Demand

Meet BAE Systems

Meet with the Small Uncrewed Systems Team at BAE Systems to explore how your technologies match current capability requirements.

The team will be available at the following events:


United States April 22-25, 2024
An Initiative to Drive Uncrewed Systems Capabilities Forward through SME Engagement The partnership between BAE Systems and Unmanned Systems Technology represents fresh thinking for SME-to-Prime interaction, presenting exciting opportunities for the innovative suppliers within UST's network.
Very interesting collaboration - beneficial for the whole UST community! STABLE AS
Really interesting collaboration and a step forward for the Unmanned Systems community. Looking forward to knowing more, good luck! Anzen RAMS Engineering
Thanks for the event today! You guys are the best ones out there that keep on developing new ways to build and expand this fantastic industry Elistair
Thank you for making me feel welcome and for the help you gave in introducing [me to BAE Systems] RCV Engines
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