Compact & Lightweight AUVs for Scientific, Commercial & Defense Applications

Portable AUVs for Scientific, Commercial & Defense Applications

ecoSUB Robotics' AUVs are capable of full autonomy and can be equipped with a wide range of COTS or custom sensors and payloads By Mike Ball / 28 May 2024
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ecoSUB Robotics is a leading developer of advanced and cost-effective AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) technology. UST is delighted to welcome ecoSUB Robotics on board as a supplier partner, and we will be highlighting their unique solutions and capabilities across our channels over the next 12 months.

We’ve just launched ecoSUB Robotics’ UST supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with the company. The Silver profile showcases their compact and lightweight AUVs, which are capable of full autonomy and can be operated with an extremely low logistical footprint.

Read on to find out more:

500 metre rated micro AUVWeighing just 4 kg in air and with a body length of 660 mm, the ecoSUBµ5 is the company’s smallest AUV. It is ideal for carrying small payloads such as CT sensors, fluorometers, sound velocity probes or hydrophones, and can operate at depths of 500 metres for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The low-cost platform is highly suited for mass deployment and large-scale data collection, and multiple units can be networked together for swarm operations.

​ecoSUBm5 500m rated Small AUVThe ecoSUBm platform represents the next level up in power and payload capacity from the ecoSUBµ5 AUV, weighing 12kg in air with a standard length of 1 metre. It can be equipped with multiple payloads and is ideal for deploying a suite of scientific or survey sensors.

The ecoSUBm can be equipped with edge computing capabilities and is highly suited to mass data collection and swarm operations. It is available in 500 metre and 2500 metre-rated variants.

500m rated AUVThe ecoSUBm5 Power+ is a special configuration of the ecoSUBm AUV that provides extra space for sensors and payloads, as well as a second set of batteries that can be used to power additional equipment or enhance the vehicle’s endurance. Even with this additional capability, the ecoSUBm5 Power+ is still highly portable, weighing just 17 kg.

In addition to a wide variety of standard equipment, the AUV can be equipped with an NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano platform for advanced edge computing and machine learning when used with the ecoCAM 4K camera.

These highly versatile AUVs can be equipped with many different combinations of sensors, payloads and specialized equipment for almost any application you can think of. ecoSUB Robotics provides a range of convenient preconfigured solutions aimed at some of the most common use cases, including surveying, scientific measurement, and hydrocarbon detection.

ecoSUB C3 GUI softwareThe C3 GUI software provides a wide range of useful pre- and post-deployment functionalities for ecoSUB AUV operators, including maps and charts, checks and diagnostics, mission planning and real-time data visualization. A basic version is provided free with all ecoSUB vehicles, and an advanced version with additional capabilities is also available.

hermes c3 AUV command and controlHERMES C3 provides a convenient and simple connection to ecoSUB AUVs via Wi-Fi, acoustic and Iridium satellite, allowing users to operate their vehicles from anywhere in the world. The portable unit connects to the control PC running the ecoSUB GUI software, and can also be used as an LBL (long baseline) surface node for enhanced vehicle navigation and positioning. HERMES C3 also incorporates 2G 4G cellular connectivity to provide a local Wi-Fi Hub.

HIVE is an upgraded version of the HERMES C3 hub, featuring a fully-integrated Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2 USBL system for vehicle tracking and position correction. A single HIVE unit can be utilized to control a swarm of ecoSUB AUVs.

ecoCAM 4K underwater cameraThe ecoCAM module provides ecoSUB5-Power+ AUVs with 4K video and still imaging capabilities, and is based around the 1.1″ Sony IMX267 global shutter CMOS sensor and Computar fixed 8mm lens. The compact module is mounted in a custom nosecone that allows the camera to be orientated from forward looking to downward-looking for seabed imaging.

ecoCAM can be coupled with the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano platform for advanced computer vision, machine learning and precision navigation applications.

To find out more about ecoSUB Robotics and their versatile AUV platforms, please visit their profile page:

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