Heavy Fuel and Gasoline 4-Stroke UAV Engines

RCV Engines Now Free from Export License Controls

RCV has announced that RCV heavy fuel and gasoline 4-stroke UAV engines have been removed from the export control list By Sarah Simpson / 13 May 2022
Export License Free on all Current RCV Engines for Unmanned Systems
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Specialized manufacturer of small multi-fuel engines for unmanned systems RCV Engines has announced that after many months of discussions with the Department for International Trade, RCV engines have been removed from the UK’s export control list.

For a long time RCV has been bound by the burden of completing applications for export licenses to ship around the world. This has created a huge block to simple trade to many destinations.

They are pleased to announce that this has now been rectified. All of RCVs current products have been removed from the export control list.

Rotary UAV Engines
Visualisation of the RCV engine operating cycle

RCV Engines can now be exported without requiring a Single Individual Export License (SIEL). Customers will no longer be required to complete an end user statement and can remove the paper trail involved.

The impact of this news is extremely significant to RCV and it’s customers:

  • Removed potential delays in the shipping of goods
  • Less red tape and reduces paperwork
  • Simpler to transport goods for repair or refurbishment
  • Ultimately makes trade easier

RCV’s patented revolving valve combustion system is ideal for small fixed-wing UAVs, VTOL multi-rotor UAS and hybrid/power generation applications.

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