Micro Systems Develops New Drone Swarming Technology

Published: 11 Jul 2017 | Author: Mike Rees

Micro Systems WOLF-PAK drone swarming

Micro Systems, a subsidiary of Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, has announced that it has developed a swarming technology called WOLF-PAK, which utilizes the collective behavior of multiple autonomous vehicles independently following the same leader vehicle. Each vehicle in the swarm can recognize and locate each other vehicle to offer a true swarming configuration. All vehicles stay within a pre-defined distance of each other as the swarm constantly adjusts and reconfigures itself without relying on a centralized control system. This capability is a platform enabler for distributed airborne tactics that can be adapted to a variety of different aerial platforms and mission objectives.

Capabilities of WOLF-PAK include:

  • Leader can be controlled manually, remotely, or autonomously
  • Leader can drop out during a mission and another vehicle can take over as the leader
  • Swarming vehicles automatically sense and avoid other vehicles as they follow the leader
  • Single operator can control an entire swarm of up to 10 vehicles
  • Robust system capability adaptable to larger vehicles including fixed wing aircraft, land vehicles, and seaborne vehicles
  • Force multiplier utilizing human/robotic system collaboration with the ability to mimic the behavior of natural swarms
  • Individual vehicles are also capable of leaving and returning to the swarm at any time

Applications of the technology include simulating emerging threats, asymmetric weapon systems, and enhanced situational awareness. The system utilizes an Ultra-Wide Band vehicle-to-vehicle radio link, making it highly resistant to detection and/or jamming.

Watch a video demonstration of WOLF-PAK below: