Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine

Issue 006

Published: Feb/March 2016
Highlights in this issue include a conversation with David Willems from UMS Skeldar, dossiers on the ECA Inspector MK2 USV & the Northwest UAV NW-44. Insights into unmanned ground systems and the LunarX challenge as well as focus articles covering antenna systems & navigation systems.
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  • Intro - The move to autonomous cars is such that, not long from now, manual driving will be seen as hopelessly archaic
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - High-resolution mapping technology for driverless cars launched, in-car computer system provides a form of AI, Intel buys into UAV collision avoidance expertise, and much more
  • In conversation: David Willems - UMS Skeldar’s head of business development talks about his plans for this UAV joint venture
  • UST online - Highlights of what’s new and most popular on our sister UST website, plus details of the Supplier Directory
  • Dossier: ECA Inspector Mk2 USV - We look at how this core of a selection of systems meets the needs of marine customers looking for a complete capability
  • Focus: Antenna systems - Guidance on the technologies and design options available for this key element of unmanned systems
  • Dossier: Northwest UAV NW-44 - We report on what went into developing this pioneering small displacement, single-cylinder two-stroke that has been designed specifically for UAVs
  • Insight: Unmanned ground systems - With commercial driverless cars and transport systems set to appear on our roads before long, we report on developments in the technology
  • Focus: Navigation systems - There are various directions engineers can take regarding navigation sensor technology and integration. We explore the options
  • Insight: LunarX challenge - Private-sector teams are vying to be the first to land an autonomous rover on the Moon. We review the contenders for this prestigious prize
  • PS: Navigation software - Simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) can encounter problems in some circumstances, which is where a technology known as SINS could prove useful
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UST Magazine Issue 006