Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine

Issue 004

Published: September 2015
Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Jonathan Downey with insights into batteries and unmanned surface vehicles. Dossiers on the Delair-Tech DT18, AMRC and the Rotron RT600 rotary as well as focus articles covering autopilots and motion conrtrols.
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  • Intro - As it’s our first birthday we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support and let you know of a change next year
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - World’s first full-size wind- and solar-powered trimaran planned, traffic management system for civilian UAVs on the horizon, Facebook to test its autonomous base station, and much more
  • In conversation: Jonathan Downey - Airware’s founder and CEO explains his company’s ethos and gives his views on the industry
  • Dossier: Delair-Tech DT18 - We investigate this French UAV, which has been approved by the country’s aviation authority for beyond line-of-sight operations
  • UST online - Highlights of what’s new and most popular on our sister UST website, plus details of the Supplier Directory
  • Focus: Autopilots - As autopilot technology heads for some profound changes, we highlight the key developments
  • Dossier: Rotron RT600 rotary - What went in to building this twin-rotor UAV engine, from a company that makes only rotary power plants?
  • Insight: Unmanned surface vehicles - The challenges, technology and emerging applications for the burgeoning market for autonomous shipping
  • Dossier: AMRC - The UK’s Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre is developing a UAV that can be built using rapid AM. What lessons have the teams learnt?
  • Focus: Motion control - We explain the technology behind motion control systems, and offer some pointers as to where it’s heading
  • Insight: Batteries - Advances in battery technology take a long time to emerge in commercial products, but many are now coming into view
  • PS: AtlantikSolar UAV - Details of a Swiss team’s bid to be the first to fly a solar-powered autonomous craft non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean
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