Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine

Issue 001

Published: July 2015
Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Dr Donough Wilson and insights into airborne base stations and datacomms. Dossiers on the Hirth S1218 two-stroke twin, the UAV Factory Penguin C and the ASV Enduro-C as well as focus articles covering real-time operating systems and composites.
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  • Intro - This is an exciting time for the unmanned systems industry, given its scope as a open book for technological innovation
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Hydrogen pellets set to give a huge boost to UAV endurance, powerful microcontroller unveiled for complex machine intelligence, COTS safety-critical system for driverless trains, a magnesium alloy that doesn’t catch fire, and much more…
  • In conversation: Dr Donough Wilson - Ian Bamsey talks to innovative designer Dr Donough Wilson about his vision for the next generation of unmanned aircraft
  • Dossier: UAV Factory Penguin C - Ian Bamsey visits UAV Factory in Latvia to discover the secrets of the remarkable Penguin C
  • UST online - Full details on the easy way to fi nd new suppliers and stay up to date with the latest technological developments
  • Focus: Real-time operating systems - Nick Flaherty explains the issues around developing the essential software for safe, secure and reliable autonomous systems
  • Dossier: Hirth S1218 two-stroke twin - Ian Bamsey visits Hirth to investigate a state-of-the-art UAV engine that genuinely provides for multi-fuel operation
  • Insight: Airborne base stations - UAVs look set to take on a key role as comms base stations – once various engineering challenges have been overcome. Nick Flaherty reports
  • Dossier: The ASV Enduro-C - Ian Bamsey investigates an unmanned craft that can operate at sea for months at a time, thanks partly to a sophisticated propulsion system
  • Focus: Composites - Composites are a natural fi t for unmanned systems. David Cooper explains how the materials are made and used
  • Insight: Datacomms - Wide-area comms links will be needed if unmanned systems are to work together. Nick Flaherty reports on strategies to enable this
  • PS: The driverless racecar - Is there scope for a driverless racecar? UST asks the experts – and gets some fascinating answers…
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