GPS, Laser, Optical and Inertial Positioning Systems


Trimble is a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions that integrate a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete solutions.

Trimble’s solutions allow original equipment manufacturers and system integrators to offer continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation for applications such as mapping and guidance of robotic vehicles.

Force 524D GPS Receiver

Trimble Force 524DTrimble’s Force 524D is a SAASM-based all-in-view receiver providing both civilian SPS and military PPS capability, using Trimble’s next generation GPS technology, the SAASM GPS Engine-41 (SGE-41).

The Force 524D provides military integrators with a fast, economical solution for adding GPS-based positioning, timing and synchronization, and navigation to their high-performance products. It is easily integrated as a stand-alone GPS receiver or coupled with inertial or Doppler navigation systems.

The Force 524D is backward compatible with its predecessor, the proven Force 5GS. The Force 524D provides an upgraded SAASM solution, with a direct upgrade path to M-Code, while protecting your investment in host system integration.

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TA-24 GPS Receiver

Trimble TA-24 GPS ReceiverThe TA-24 a high-performance, dual purpose, 24 channel GPS receiver ideal for the expanded role of today’s airborne military operations. In PPS mode, the TA-24 provides the latest safety and security capabilities required for military aviation operations within the NAVWAR environment and is approved by the GPS Joint Program Office. This robust dual purpose GPS receiver is easily integrated with most Flight Management Systems (FMS).

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Force 22E GPS Receiver

Trimble Force 22ETrimble’s Force 22E is a SAASM-based all-in-view 24-Channel receiver, using Trimble’s next generation GPS technology, the SAASM GPS Engine-41 (SGE-41).

The Force 22E provides military integrators of munitions, unmanned vehicles, and mobile communications systems with a small, light weight solution for GPS-based navigation and timing. Equipped with a durable TCXO clock, the Force 22E also features an external 11.68MHz clock input, adding to its flexibility for tailoring to specific applications.

The Force 22E is backward compatible with its predecessor, the proven Force 22 receiver. The addition of a massive fast acquisition correlator and an ICD-167 SHCI interface, makes the Force 22E the most powerful military receiver available in this small size.

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Ruggedized L1/L2 Antenna

Trimble Ruggedised L1/L2 AntennaThe Ruggedized L1/L2 Antenna is Trimble`s most popular dual frequency external antenna. This multipurpose antenna is compatible with a multitude of air, land, and marine based receiver applications and operating platforms. This antenna is tested to MIL-STD 810E and DO-160D environmental performance standards – it is built tough for tough applications.

The Ruggedized L1/L2 Antenna mounts easily on military vehicles and can withstand the harsh conditions of shipboard use. For airborne applications, this antenna is specifically designed to handle the high dynamics, shock, and vibration requirements of both military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. And to support the new requirements for airborne military receivers to meet civil aviation standards, this antenna is now FAA certified to TSO C-144. This is the standard L1/L2 antenna used by the US Army for a mulititude of air and land platforms and by the USAF for certified airborne use. The US National Stock Number is 5985-01-422-4719.

The Ruggedized L1/L2 Antenna is compatible with all past and present Trimble military GPS receivers, except the 3.3 volt model of the Trimble Force 22.

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High Speed L1/L2 Antenna

Trimble High Speed L1/L2 AntennaThe Hi-Speed L1/L2 Antenna is an aerodynamically clean, low profile antenna specifically designed for high speed airborne operations. This antenna is FAA certified to TSO C-129, which means it meets or exceeds the environmental requirements of DO-160C. This dual frequency antenna is compatible with all Trimble airborne PPS products and is the standard offering for use with Trimble’s FAA certified TA-12 PPS sensor.

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