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Tersus GNSS
Tersus GNSS

Tersus GNSS is a global provider of real-time high-precision GNSS positioning solutions that feature centimeter-level accuracy across multiple frequencies and GNSS constellations.

Our GNSS technologies are ideal for empowering your unmanned vehicles and robotics with greater accuracy, resulting in safer and more productive operations. Applications include surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, construction engineering, deformation monitoring, aerial photogrammetry and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Precis-TX204 GNSS Receiver

Precis-TX204 GNSS ReceiverThe Precis-TX204 is a lightweight and rugged multi-GNSS receiver designed to support fieldwork in demanding environments. The built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of operation and internal SD card storage enables up to 16GB of data logging.

The Precis-TX204 receiver supports GPS L1 & L2 and BDS B1 & B2, with GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, and features 128 channels and a 1Hz update rate.

An integrated display and keypad allows for rapid and easy system configuration without the need for a separate controller. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless communications are also built into the Precis-TX204.

More Information: Precis-TX204 GNSS Receiver

Precis-BX316 GNSS RTK Board

The Precis-BX316 is a multi-GNSS dual antenna RTK board that provides real-time, precise positioning and heading capabilities for unmanned vehicles. Supporting GPS L1 & L2, BDS B1 & B2 and GLONASS G1 & G2, as well as GPS heading mode, it features 192 channels and a 20Hz maximum update rate.

With camera shutter synchronization, a weight of just 33 grams and easily interfaced with autopilots such as Pixhawk and with other host devices, the Precis-BX316 is ideal for integration into UAVs.

Watch our video demonstrations:

Precis-BX316 GNSS RTK Board

Logging Event Mark:

Shutter Synchronization with PPS Signal:

More Information: Precis-BX316 GNSS RTK Board

Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Board

The Precis-BX306 is a multi-GNSS dual antenna RTK board that offers real-time, accurate positioning for unmanned vehicles. Weighing just 23g, the compact design and low power consumption make it suitable for SWaP-constrained applications.

The Precis-BX306 supports six frequencies: GPS L1 & L2, BDS B1 & B2 and GLONASS G1 & G2; and can be easily integrated with host devices and autopilots.

More Information: Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Board

Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Board

Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board

The Precis-BX305 is a multi-GNSS dual antenna RTK board that supports GPS L1 & L2, BDS B1 & B3 and GLONASS G1. It features 192 channels and a 20Hz maximum update rate, and supports logging of raw observation data.

The Precis-BX305 weighs 69 grams and as with the Precis-BX316, it can be easily interfaced to host devices via the Picoblade connector and is ideal for UAV applications.

More Information: Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board

Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board

Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Kit

Our Precis-BX305 kit bundles two Precis-BX305 RTK boards with:

– 2 x GNSS antennas
– 2 x 2m GNSS antenna cables
– 2 x radio modems
– 2 x antennas
– 2 x Precis-BX305 radio cable assemblies
– 2 x Picoblade UART cable
– 2 x TTL-USB convertors

The kit provides you with everything you need to quickly set up a low-power radio link of up to 100mW, allowing you to experience the functionality of the Precis-BX305 over distances of up to 1km. Radio modems and antennas are available in 915Mhz (US) and 433Mhz (European) frequencies.

Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Kit

More Information: Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Kit

AS3703 GNSS Antenna

The AS3703 is a miniature GNSS antenna weighing less than 100 grams that has been designed for UAVs and other vehicle-mounted positioning applications.

Capable of receiving GPS L1 & L2, GLONASS G1 & G2 and Beidou B1, B2 & B3 frequencies, the AS3703 provides 360° azimuth coverage and peak gains of:

GPS L1 ≥ 3.5dBi, L2 ≥ 3dBi

GLONASS G1 ≥ 3dBi, G2 ≥ 3dBi

BDS B1 ≥ 3.5dBi, B2 ≥ 3dBi, B3 ≥ 2dBi

More Information: AS3703 GNSS Antenna


AX3702 GNSS Antenna

The AX3702 is a lightning-protected, sealed water- and dust-proof antenna designed for long-term outdoor surveying applications. It receives GPS L1 & L2, GLONASS L1 & L2 and BDS B1, B2 & B3 frequencies, with 360° azimuth coverage and a peak gain of 5.5 dBi.

The antenna can be configured for GPS-only or dual constellation applications, and features state-of-the-art multi-path rejection technology to eliminate multi-path influenced measurement error.

More Information: AX3702 GNSS Antenna


DL207 External Data Logger

The DL207 is an external data logger designed to provide greater storage capabilities for our Precis-BX305 and Precis-BX316 boards. It stores observation data on MicroSD cards and features a 115200bps serial connection as well as a Mini-USB flash disk mode.

Logged binary data can be converted to RINEX format using our Tersus GNSS Center configuration software.

More Information: DL207 External Data Logger


BT-120 Bluetooth Module

The BT-120 Bluetooth Module allows connection of the BX305 GNSS RTK board to a CORS network, extending the device’s coverage area.

With an input voltage of 5V and 110mW power consumption, the BT-120 Bluetooth Module features Class 2 transmitting power, a default Baudrate of 115200 and an effective range of over 10m.

More Information: BT-120 Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth Module for RTK CORS Network Connection

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