GNSS RTK/PPK Boards, GNSS Autopilots, GNSS-INS for UAS & Robotics

Tersus GNSS
Tersus GNSS

Tersus GNSS is a leading provider of real-time high-precision GNSS positioning solutions that offer centimeter-level accuracy across multiple frequencies and GNSS constellations.

Our experienced engineers design GNSS RTK & PPK OEM boards and receivers, as well as integrated solutions such as GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems and autosteer for tractors.

Designed for simple and rapid integration, our GNSS solutions offer enhanced accuracy for safer and more productive operations in a variety of applications: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, UAS, drones), surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, construction engineering, aerial photogrammetry and more.

BX306 GNSS RTK Board

Multi-GNSS Dual Antenna RTK Board

The BX306 is a multi-GNSS dual antenna RTK board that offers real-time, accurate positioning for unmanned vehicles. Weighing just 23g, the compact design and low power consumption make it suitable for SWaP-constrained applications.

The BX306 supports six frequencies: GPS L1 & L2, BDS B1 & B2 and GLONASS G1 & G2; and can be easily integrated with host devices and autopilots.

BX306 GNSS RTK Board

More Information: BX306 GNSS RTK Board

BX316 GNSS RTK Board

Multi-GNSS RTK Board with Integrated SD Card

The BX316 is a dual-antenna multi-GNSS RTK board that can be easily integrated with external devices and systems such as UAV autopilots. This lightweight board supports multiple constellations (GPS L1 L2/GLONASS G1 G2/BDS B1 B2) and can output continuous and reliable centimeter-level positioning and heading even in harsh environments.

An on-board SD card (up to 32GB) is included for convenient data collection.

More Information: BX316 GNSS RTK Board

Tersus BX316 GNSS RTK Board


Multi-GNSS Dual Antenna PPK Board

The BX316R is a multi-GNSS dual antenna PPK board that provides accurate positioning for precision navigation. Supporting GPS L1 & L2, BDS B1 & B2 and GLONASS G1 & G2, as well as GPS heading mode, it supports 192 channels and a 20Hz maximum update rate. Working with the Tersus AX3702/AS3703 antenna, this receiver can output stable measurements, even in harsh conditions.

The BX316R weighs just 33 grams, features camera shutter synchronization and easily interfaces with autopilots such as Pixhawk, making it ideal for use in UAS.


More Information: BX316R GNSS PPK Board

AG960 AutoSteer GNSS Autopilot

GNSS Autopilot for Precision Agricultural Machinery

AG960 AutoSteer GNSS AutopilotThe AG960 AutoSteer system is an autopilot solution for precision agricultural machinery. Combining two GNSS antennas, a high-precision positioning receiver, a coaxial rotation direction sensor and an electromagnetic hydraulic valve, the AG960 AutoSteer operates agricultural machinery according to a pre-planned path with accuracy and control.

Designed specifically for precision agriculture, the AG960 AutoSteer can autonomously control medium to large sized tractors and sprayers to optimize operational accuracy and productivity for modern farmers.

AG960 AutoSteer GNSS Agricultural Autopilot

RTK Positioning Accuracy Horizontal: ≤1cm / Vertical: ≤2cm
Attitude Determination Yaw Angle: ≤1° / Pitch/Roll Angle: ≤0.5°
Guidance Line Deviation ≤2.5cm
Operational Range ≤20km

BX306 High-End Radio (HRS) Kit

Multi-GNSS Receivers Equipped with UHF Rover Radio Capabilities

The BX306 HRS kit bundles two BX306 RTK boards with:

– 2 x GNSS antennas with cables
– 2 x radio modems with cables
– 2 x LVTTL serial port
– 2 x 20 pin external cables
– 2 x power cables
– 2 x 433 [or 915] MHz small radios

The kit provides you with everything you need to quickly set up a low-power radio link of up to 100mW, over distances of up to 1km. Radio modems and antennas are available in 915Mhz (US) and 433Mhz (European) frequencies.

Precis-BX306 GNSS RTK Kit

More Information: BX306 High-End Radio (HRS) Kit

BX316 High-End Radio (HRS) Kit

GNSS RTK Receivers Equipped with UHF Rover Radio Capabilities

The BX316 HRS kit bundles two BX316 RTK boards with:

– 3 x GNSS antennas with cables
– 2 x RS05R radio modems with cables
– 2 x RS05R radio station antennas
– 2 x TTL-RS232 converters
– 2 x UART TTL-USB converters
– 2 x power cables.

Equipped with lightweight and robust RS05R technology, the kit provides reliable data communication in demanding conditions where stability, high performance and long range operation are required. RS05R is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver designed for wireless digital radio communications between 410 and 470 MHz in either 12.5 or 25 kHz channels.

BX316 High-End Radio (HRS) Kit

More Information: BX316 High-End Radio (HRS) Kit

INS-T-306 GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System

High-Precision IMU-Enhanced GNSS/INS

The INS-T-306 is a GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) that determines position, velocity and absolute orientation (Heading, Pitch and Roll) with precision and accuracy. The fully-integrated module utilizes GPS L1/L2, GLONASS and BDS navigation signals, and a state-of-art IMU combines 3-axis magnetometers, advanced MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes.

The INS-T-306 features advanced, embedded Kalman Filter based sensor fusion algorithms for  different dynamic motions of UAS, AUVs, UGVs, and gimbals, and is compatible with LiDARs.

Tersus INS-T-306 GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System

Size 73 x 47 x 33 mm
Weight 145g
Position Accuracy 1.5 m (GPS L1&L2)
0.4 m (DGPS)
0.01 m + 1 ppm (RTK)
Heading Accuracy (static | dynamic) 1 deg | 0.1 deg
Velocity Accuracy 0.03 m/sec
Pitch & Roll Accuracy (dynamic) 0.1 deg
Gyroscope Bias in-run Stability 1 deg/hr
Accelerometer Bias in-run Stability 0.005 mg

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