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Spectracom is a leading provider of precise positioning, navigation and timing solutions that leverage GPS and other Global Navigation Satellite System signals for synchronization, inertial navigation, simulation, and calibration and measurement.

Our application-specific products are designed for synchronization and timing of networks, systems and devices; generating or simulating navigation signals; calibration and measurement of signals in the frequency domain. Products include GPS simulators, secure master clock synchronization systems, network time servers, rugged inertial navigation products, bus-level timing, time and frequency analyzers, and more.

Spectracom PNT Solutions

VersaSync Rugged GPS Time & Frequency Reference

All-in-One Time & Frequency Solution

VersaSync is a high performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals under all circumstances, including GNSS-denied environments. Its compact size and high level of ruggedization make VersaSync suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments. Its small footprint allows for easy integration of the time and frequency functionality into systems architecture.

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VersaSync Rugged GPS Time & Frequency Reference

Geo-PNT Master Clock + INS System

Accurate Timing, Position and Attitude in a Single Box

The Geo-PNT is the first commercial device that integrates precision references for position, attitude, and timing all-in-one-box. It is an innovative and efficient solution for applications that need precise navigation data, as well as accurate time reference. The Geo-PNT combines a high performance, versatile, GPS master clock with an accurate inertial navigation system that delivers time, position and attitude under all circumstances, including temporary loss of GPS, typical of dynamic platforms. It minimizes size, weight and power (SWaP) due to the integration of positioning and timing that are typically achieved by two independent subsystems. The Geo-PNT is a highly configurable platform to provide the required capabilities.

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Geo-PNT Master Clock + INS System

Geo-iNAV GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System

Affordable, fully-integrated GPS-aided inertial navigation system

The Geo-iNAV™ combines a GPS receiver and inertial motion unit (IMU) in a rugged low-SWAP (size, weight, and power) footprint. It offers extreme flexibility to satisfy the most-demanding requirements for commercial and military (SAASM) applications. Its architecture is designed to accommodate a wide range of GPS+IMU combinations in stand-alone or differential mode; including single or dual-frequency RTK GPS operation and from consumer-grade MEMs to tactical grade gyros. Positioning and navigation data can be streamed in real-time via Ethernet, serial ports, or wireless radio, or it can be processed post-mission to achieve even higher accuracies.

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Geo-iNAV GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System

GPS/GNSS Simulators

GPS/GNSS SimulatorsThe GSG-5/6 series are the most affordable, easy-to-use, and powerful way to test the integration of GPS into a device or system for development and manufacturing. Simulate virtually any condition through built-in or user-defined scenarios . Build trajectories from google maps. Generate real-time scenarios for testing complex navigation platforms including GPS+IMU integration. Either way, these simulators generate the RF from the entire constellation of satellites according to your test criteria. Individually programmed channels can also generate multi-path, interference, even simulate spoofing signals.

These simulators are fully compatible with current and future global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) including GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and various augementation systems. Purchase only the features you need and upgrade when necessary.

These compact and lightweight (~3 kgs) benchtop instruments save money and time by testing more parameters, more often, to give you the confidence knowing how your system performs anytime and anywhere.

Video: How GPS Simulation Works

Video: GPS Simulator Demonstration

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GNSS Vulnerability Test System

GNSS Vulnerability Test SystemThe threats to GPS-based navigation systems are ever-increasing. The risk of intentional disruption of GPS signals is moving from simple jamming to a much higher-level of sophistication. Spoofing— an attempt to deceive by broadcasting false GPS signals— can be devastating, leading to loss of assets or, worse, lives. While testing the sensitivity to jamming is basic functionality of GPS simulators, measuring the effects of various spoofing scenarios requires a high degree of complexity. Spectracom is at the forefront of testing the vulnerabilities of GPS-based navigation and now offers its capability as a GNSS Vulnerability Test System.

Precision Timing & Synchronization

SecureSync Time & Frequency Reference SystemSpectracom’s deep expertise in precision timing and synchronization results in combinations of local oscillators disciplined to GPS signals to generate the required types and quantities of signals in various form factors. From precision frequencies, pulsed timing signals, standards-based time codes such as IRIG and STANAG, to network synchronization protocols, Spectracom offers commercial-off-the-shelf, configure-to-order, or custom engineered solutions in 19” rack mount instruments, bus-level form factors and modules.

Video: SecureSync User Interface (BETA)

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Frequency Analysis

The CNT-90 series offers the ultimate control for the measurement of complex time and frequency signals. It provides the fastest measurement speed of 250,000 measurements per second and time intervals below 100 picoseconds. Microwave and pulsed signal measurement features extend the capability to applications such as microwave link calibration, satcom equipment testing, and radar installation and maintenance.

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CNT-90 Frequency Counter/Analyzer

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