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ARGO J5 Unmanned Robot

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, located in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada, has manufactured the Argo line of amphibious extreme terrain vehicles since 1967 and has  developed a fully amphibious line of extreme terrain unmanned ground vehicles.

ARGO J5 Mobility Platform

ARGO J5 Mobility Platform

The ARGO J5, ATLAS J6, and ATLAS J8 carry large payloads in a modular, open platform design.  Available in 4, 6, and 8 wheel variants, the Argo Robotics line provides semi and fully autonomous solutions for agriculture, military, mining, exploration, forestry, and academic applications.

The ARGO J5 and ATLAS Rovers are designed with a high capacity, open payload bay, ready to carry sensors, gear, agricultural sprayers, and rescue equipment into areas that are too dangerous, dirty, or inaccessible for humans.

Keep your workers safe, increase productivity, and solve your problem at a price that provides a fast return on investment.

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ARGO All-Terrain Ground Vehicle

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