UAV Systems for Precision Agriculture, Mapping and Survey Applications


microdrones is a leading developer of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for industry, security, search and rescue and a wide range of other applications. In addition to standalone quadrocopter drones, we also provide packaged solutions for mapping and agriculture that pair our drones with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors and our powerful software applications.

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md4-200 Autonomous Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle

md4-200 Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The md4-200 is our entry-level aircraft. It is a lightweight, agile drone capable of rapid on-site deployment in a variety of environmental conditions. Ideally suited to aerial inspection and photography, the md4-200 features a rugged weather-proof carbon fibre construction and advanced LiPo battery.

  • Max Flying Time: 30 mins
  • Max Payload:  250g
  • Cruising Speed: 8 m/s
  • Dimensions: 230 x 540 x 540 mm
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1100g
  • Maximum Operating Height: 1000m

md4-200 Drone Powerline Inspection

More Information: MD4-200 Drone

md4-1000 High-Performance VTOL UAV

md4-1000 High Performance VTOL UAV

The md4-1000 is a high-endurance drone that features an industry-leading average mission time of 45 minutes, which can be extended to up to 90 minutes with special configuration. Ideal for complex missions, the md4-1000 is even capable of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights when paired with optional video glasses.

  • Max Flying Time: 45 mins (90 mins with special configuration)
  • Max Payload: 1200g
  • Cruising Speed: 12 m/s
  • Dimensions: 500 x 1030 x 1030 mm
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 6000g
  • Maximum Operating Height: 1000m

Wind Turbine Inspection Drone

More Information: MD4-1000 Drone

md4-3000 High-Performance Drone

md4-3000 High Performance Drone

The md4-3000 is our flagship microdrone, featuring powerful engines and a patented design that generates aerodynamic lift, resulting in greater flight performance and efficiency.  The md4-3000 is capable of reaching an operating height of up to 4,000 metres and can withstand high temperatures, extreme weather and high voltage and strong magnetic fields.

  • Max Flying Time: 45 mins
  • Max Payload: 4000g
  • Cruising Speed: 16 m/s
  • Dimensions: 360 x 2052 x 1888 mm
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 15000g
  • Maximum Operating Height: 4000m

More Information: MD4-3000 Drone

md4-3000 Industrial Drone

UAV Base Station

Each platform is supplied with the microdrones Base Station ground control unit, a 5.8 GHz analogue reception unit with high gain antenna, designed to receive video and telemetric data.

More Information: UAV Base Station

UAV Base Station

mdMapMaster Package

The mdMapMaster package combines our md4-1000 microdrone with a custom-integrated Applanix APX-15 GNSS-Inertial sensor and Sony RX1R II camera. Direct georeferencing capabilities – eliminating the need for ground control points – and industry-leading endurance allow you to gather data with maximum efficiency.

The mdMapMaster package also includes powerful post-processing software, transforming your data into useful information with reliable, highly accurate mapping-grade results.


The mdMapMaster package includes:
mdMapMaster Package

More Information: mdMapMaster Package

mdMapper Package

Combining our md4-1000 microdrone with a powerful Sony a5100 24 MP camera, the mdMapper solution lets you conduct aerial survey missions at up to 12 m/s. The durable, lightweight carbon fibre construction allows for professional geospatial data collection with an average of 45 minutes flight time.


The mdMapper package includes:
mdMapper Package

More Information: mdMapper Package

mdAgScanner Package

mdAgScanner is a powerful package to help agronomists more efficiently assess crop health. It pairs your choice of the md4-200 or md4-1000 drone platforms with a Micasense RedEdge sensor, which analyses plant reflectance and captures five specific bands of light (Red, Green, Blue, Red Edge, and NIR) to assess the health and vigour of your crops.

The valuable insight provided by mdAgScanner allows potential problems to be identified sooner and treatments to be applied more precisely, resulting in lower labour times and material costs.


The mdAgScanner package includes:
mdAgScanner Precision Agriculture Drone Package

More Information: mdAgScanner Package

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